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AppearanceJuly 21, 2017: Comic-Con International - iZombie

July 21, 2017: Comic-Con International – iZombie [MASTER-POST]

On July 21, 2017, Rose McIver went to the Comic Con of San Diego to promote ‘iZOMBiE’. Find in this post all information, photos, videos and more! (Rose was also there on July 22, for all information about it, click here to access the other post)

Full list of Interviews:

High Quality Photos:

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Highlight from ‘iZOMBiE’ Panel:

  • Panel started with a Sizzle reel from Season 3.
  • Rahul Kohli loves playing the human side of ‘Ravi’, but he is staying quiet on what ‘Ravi’s fate will be on Season 4. For him, it’s so tempting to get in on it.
  • Malcolm Goodwin says that ‘Clive’ will be there for ‘Dale’ just as he was for ‘Liv’.
  • Rose McIver teased that ‘Liv’ will get a new sense of identity and a rebellious streak this season.
  • Rose McIver has put on the killer abs shirt of Robert Buckley.
  • Robert Buckley on ‘Major’: He’s kinda found a home in Filmore Graves.
  • David Anders is happy to be back in his “mustache-twirling ways”. Right after, he was worried he accidentally spoiled something, he had to look across Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero.
  • Robert Knepper will be a series regular in Season 4. After the announcement, David Anders started singing “Papa, Can You Hear Me”.
  • Shady Plots is beciming a “cemetery to table” restaurant called “Romero’s” owned by ‘Blaine’.
  • ‘Peyton’ will be dealing with many more zombie/human cases and we will see her in a courtroom. Aly Michalka hopes she will stays human.
  • Season 4 has mant different threats, not just one big bad. Angus, human terrorist organization, Chase Graves. They will come from ALL SIDES.
  • Diane Ruggiero says “You’re welcome for Jason Dohring shirtless”.
  • Rose McIver says that ‘Liv’ will be a “real player” at the police department in Season 4.
  • The biggest frictions this season will be between ‘Major’ and ‘Liv’. Different sides of the human/zombie argument.
  • Chase Graves is gonna make it illegal to scratch humans in Season 4.
  • Rahul Kohli says that ‘Ravi’ will stand with the zombies to find a cure and help them during this time.
  • Rose McIver and Rahul Kohli say those were real tears in that final scene of Season 3. Meant to come full circle from the pilot. She said “It was really nice not to think about a dead dog”.
  • Rob Thomas mentions how amazing Malcolm Goodwin’s reactions are. One of his favorite parts of the show. He said that there was a fear that bringing ‘Clive’ is now on secretn they’d lose al ‘Clive’s’ reactions to ‘Liv’s’ eccentricities, but he stukk has great reactions.
  • David Anders says that the ‘Blaine/Peyton’ relatioship “has sailed”.
  • Rob Thomas says that ‘Liv’s’ new love interest for Season 4 was created because of how funny their ship name will be.
  • They’re desperateky trying to put ‘Peyton’ and ‘Angus’ together to get a dirty ship name.
  • Robert Buckley likes that things are difficult for ‘Liv’ and ‘Major’. The conflict makes it more interesting. Rose McIver agrees.
  • They all agree that the “Dungeons and Dragons” episode was the most fun they ever had on the show.
  • Aly Michalka hopes for more group scenes with everyone involved.
  • Rose McIver says her Dungeon Master voice was actually inspired by someone she knows.
  • Rahul Kohli said they blew many takes when he and Rose McIver did American and British accents because it got ridiculous.
  • Robert Buckley would tell ‘Major’ to take a break from dating.
  • Rahul Kohli’s advice to ‘Ravi’ is “stop putting random stuff into your mouth”.
  • Malcolm Goodwin wants ‘Liv’ and ‘Clive’ to make a cookbook together.
  • David Anders would advise ‘Blaine’ to wear looser pants.
  • ‘Liv’ will eat hockey goon brai in Season 4.
  • The musical episode started out as a joke but now it’s become a things. But only Diane Ruggiero and Rose McIver really want it.
  • Rose McIver said she’d want to sing “Potential Breakup Song” by Aly and AJ in a musical episode.
  • In the first episode of Season 4, there’s a montage that shows how the brain system works.

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