Here you can read and share your experience during your meeting with Rose McIver. Did you already met Rose? Contact Us and tell us everything you want about your meeting! We and other fans would love to read how was your meeting with her.

Stephanie ( – May 27, 2017 – Paris (France)

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“She is awesome! Gentle and attentive, we just want to hold her in our arms. She speaks to you as if you were her best friend.” – Christine

‘She was awesome, so adorable!! I loved her!’ – Marine

‘She is so sweet and full of life, so smiling is a true ray of sunshine. And I love her Frenchman, she expresses herself very well. ‘ – Sarah

‘So charming and adorable’ – Seve

‘That was a dream. Rose is super nice, close to her fans. She takes the time for all of us. Only magical moments, a wonderful meeting.’ – @SwanQueenClexa_

‘She was very kind and polite and she asked how I was both times – because I had to get my photo retaken- and she thanked me afterwards. She also smelt really nice ahah’ – @jmostunner