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Her Home

Whether in Los AngelesVancouver (while shooting ‘iZombie’), Montreal, Auckland (when she come back to see her family), discover the place where resides Rose.

Auckland (New Zealand)

Hollywood (California)

When she was not shooting ‘iZombie‘, Rose lived in Hollywood near her funny friends Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld. During an interview/photoshoot with ‘Zooey Magazine‘ in 2013 she welcomed them into her home.

Los Angeles (California)

Rose owned this house until August 2022. Over the past few years (and especially during the global pandemic), Rose has shared many photos of this home, which she shared with boyfriend George Byrne, in Los Angeles. To see more information and photos of the fabulous garden they have built together on this property, go to the “Her Garden” page.

Los Angeles (California)

In August 2022, Rose shared via social media that she was moving. Indeed, she bought with her boyfriend George Byrne, a cozy house in Los Angeles. The photos in the slideshow below are from the sale and likely do not reflect Rose‘s house at present (from, and

The house dates to 1936, and shows a bit of French influence in its exterior architecture. The property as a whole promotes roaming, with a back entrance visible through the leafy landscaping, walking paths, and a garage that’s been converted to an auxiliary living space across the lawn.

Interiors are classy, upbeat and unpretentious, with oak plank showing off some nice contrast and dark green cabinetry adding some visual dimension to the place. The living room and two of the bedrooms have broad sliding glass doors for outdoor access, and a small deck has been installed outside the latter.

The backyard is partially devoted to a pool, that L.A. essential, but with its dense privacy hedgerows does a fine job of evoking an intimate space far from the madding crowd.