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InterviewInterview - We Live Entertainment

Interview – We Live Entertainment

Source | Sitting down with the iZombie cast and creator, we learn a little about what we can expect for the upcoming season.


What are you most excited for this season?

The political under/ overtones. I’m pumped. To be on a show which will still be funny, and we still have a case of the week, and I eat brains, and we have a cast of incredible comedians. I think it’s really important now to be making material that’s addressing what is going on in the world and to kind of convey that information in an entertaining manner is very powerful. The idea of a walled off city and the idea of unwelcome visitors and who decides the right or wrong way.

What is Liv doing in post-Discovery Day?

She is still solving crimes and eating brains. Every detective works with a zombie to help solve crimes. So she’s kind of been a pioneer of a  new anti-criminal force. She will still be ticking along. She gets to see her family early on and see what has happened to them in the interim. Pining after Major but unable to make it work. That lovely dance.

How is it for you to explore a strong female character?

I’ve been very lucky in my career that I’ve played a few interesting roles. When I was 15, I was a lead of a show in New Zealand where she ran a circus group. I know how unusual it is for me to have a string of roles like I’ve had, but I don’t want to undermine the previous roles I’ve had by saying this one is so exceptional. So it’s a bit of a dance for me, but I think it’s incredibly important. You only know what you’re capable of doing if you see someone doing it. The young women to be watching this character who has a strong moral backbone and is vulnerable and is scared and puts herself out there and is human and zombie. It is a role that I’m incredibly proud to play. I’m glad she celebrates the different and most important features that she’s not like anyone else. I think that something that young women need to see?

What’s a brain you want to see Liv eat?

I think it would be really funny if she had a body builder’s brains. I want to see her really vain and like cretin shakes and all the weird looking in the mirror and flexing her deltoids. It would be really funny, and a funny synapse of the fit-spiration that is kind of happening now. I think I’ll have to work out for a while.

Aly was talking about you eating a Kiwi brain?

We’ve talked about this a lot, and there are a bunch of friends of mine who I’d love to get them to do it; whether it’s the Flight of the Conchords guys or someone from the Hobbit. We’ve tried a couple of things, and it’s very important for it to be the right person’s brain that she eats.

What’s been your favorite of what’s coming up?

I’m looking forward to the hockey goon brain because I used to ice skate and I d love to get back into it. We are shooting in Vancouver, and it’s such a big part of their culture. All of them. The rom com brain is going to lean itself to some really great montages.


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