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Facts and Q&A


  • Some of her favorite movies are: ‘Sister act II’, ‘Topless Women Talk about their Lives’, ‘Best in Show’, ‘The Apartment’, ‘Naked’.
  • Her favorite album is ‘Blue (da ba dee)’ by Eiffel 65.
  • If she would be a food, she would be a strawberry because she’s sweet on the outside AND the inside and she have a shitty little green stalk hairdo! lol
  • Rose is not a big cooking person, but she really like doing it. She can cook classic things. But George is really a cooker. They have a big property and she better like gardening.
  • She is a LeBron fan. #Lakers
  • She is really bad at swimming.
  • She loves cross-stitch.
  • A food Rose misses from New Zealand, pineapple lumps.
  • She’s not a freestyle cooker, she always follows recipes.
  • She’s not a multi-task person.
  • She likes baking a lot, she likes bread, muffins, cookies.
  • Rose recommends Tara Brach (author) for mental health.
  • She loves ‘The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle’ from Haruki Murakami. (see more of her favorite books at RMS special page)

Q&A - From her #askrose

  1. Do you like Harry Potter? – Yes, I especially loved the first book.
  2. What is your favorite movie? – I have many, one that comes to mind is Magnolia.
  3. What’s it like playing tinkerbell? – a pleasure. So grateful to all the #tinkers.
  4. What’s been your favourite episode of #OUAT So far? – My favorite episode to work on is airing this weekend. (13 of decstrongber)
  5. Describe OUAT cast in three words? – Welcoming, hilarious, hard working.
  6. Describe yourself in one word? – nosy
  7. How was it playing Tinkerbell? – an honour.
  8. Have you planned a visit to France? – Yes, later his year, I’m going to come! Ca alors!
  9. Favorite topping on pizza? – Cheese.
  10. What is ur favorite animal? – Chimpanzee.
  11. What actor have the best sens of humor in ouat cast? – It’s too hard to choose. The boys are pretty hilarious @joshdallas @MRaymondJames @colinodonoghue1
  12. What do you think of @colinodonoghue1? – That he is a fabulous actor and friend.
  13. Have you learned any life lessons through playing Tinker Bell? – When we feel like our purpose is taken away from us, we are all capable of going to a dark place.
  14. When will Tinkerbell get her wings back? – Hopefully soon
  15. You’ve read hunger games? – I haven’t, I guess I should?
  16. How’s the role of tinker bell? – Too much fun.
  17. Favorite disney princess? – ooooh this is tough! Maybe Jasmine.
  18. If you could play someone else, who would be? – I’d love to be Nala from the Lion King. #prosthetics.
  19. If you could play any other fairytale character instead of tinkerbell who would it be? There are so many good ones, right now I feel like my choice would be The Little Mermaid – move over @JoAnnaLGarcia
  20. Favorite thing about Regina and Tink’s relationship? Forgiveness
  21. Who is your favorite princess in OUAT? It changes all the time, but Snow White is pretty good right guys?
  22. On your opinion, what is the backstory between Tink and Hook? I look forward to sharing it with you guys in future episodes… keep watching #tinkers!
  23. How’s it been working with Lana Parilla? She is a great actress, it is great to explore our scenes with her.
  24. What’s your favorite tv show from all time? The Office – the British one.
  25. Have you ever been in Spain? No, I would like to come this year. Tips?
  26. What Disney fairytale is your favorite? Too hard to choose. Right now I’m loving Aladdin again.
  27. Who is your favorite to work with on the OUAT set? All of the gang, they are wonderful.
  28. What’s your favourite thing about playing Tinkerbell? How much she deserves to be a fairy again, I want to help her get there.
  29. Do you enjoy Katy Perry’s music? Sure! ROAR
  30. What’s your favourite book? I have so many! One of my favorites is The Secret History by Donna Tartt.
  31. Will we ever see your Tink bonding with Emma? She’s so great huh? I certainly hope we get more stuff together.
  32. What’s something most people don’t know about you? I’m a huge nerd.
  33. Is there anything in America that was hard to get used to being from New Zealand? Driving on the right hand side of the road!
  34. Do you speak french? Je parle un peu français.
  35. Do you like to work with @jenmorrisonlive? I love working with her, she is fantastic.
  36. If you weren’t an actress what job would you want to have? A writer or a teacher.
  37. Funniest mistake made on set so far? I had a lisp in one take and said “faiwy” instead of “fairy”.
  38. Do you have a tattoo? A dot on my palm – you wouldn’t be able to see it.
  39. Are you secretly a fairy? shhh… we can’t talk about it on twitter…
  40. What was your first thought when you read that the Blue Fairy was going to die? Very shocked and worried for all her fans!
  41. Have you ever been in Italy? I have. Hopefully I will visit again this year.
  42. Do you like musicals? I LOVE musicals.
  43. How would you describe the OUAT cast in two words? family. kind.
  44. Do you have any pets? I grew up with lots and lots of pets, i love dogs.
  45. What do you like in your character? And what do you want to happened for Tink in season 3? Tink deserves a nice relationship doesn’t she!
  46. Which person from the OUAT cast you most identify to? As a person not character? Jennifer Morrisson
  47. Did you watch the movie Frozen? No, but I’m looking forward to it.
  48. Have you ever been to germany or would you like to go? I have been and really loved Berlin.
  49. I saw you for the first time in the power rangers, how was it? It was wonderful. I got to work with some of my best friends for months on end.
  50. What’s your favorite color? Blue.
  51. What was your favorite part of the new Hobbit movie? The river scene.
  52. Favorite Disney movie? Probably Aladdin. Or The Lion King.
  53. Have you ever thought about becoming a ginger? I have been one, love redheads!
  54. What was the last music that you’ve listened? Francoise Hardy this morning.
  55. What do you usually do in your free time? Read, run, dinner parties, travel.
  56. Can you describe Tink in 3 words? nosy, rebellious, kind-hearted
  57. One thing you wish you were good at that you unfortunately aren’t? Swimming!
  58. Do you prefer “Masters of sex” or “Once Upon a Time”? I have loved working on both. They’re such different shows.
  59. Do you have anything in common with Tink? I am also quite outspoken.
  60. What is your actual given name Rose or Frances? My first name is Frances, middle name is Rose.
  61. Have you been in Mexico? No, but I am very keen to go.
  62. What do you love most? My family.
  63. Did you ever meet Lucy and Renee after Xena? Yes, Lucy is a fellow kiwi and I see a bit of her, she’s wonderful.
  64. You seem to travel to lots of islands. Do you have a favourite? Hmmmm there’s no place like home – North Island of New Zealand.
  65. What is like working with Michael Raymond James? Fantastic. He’s a brilliant actor.
  66. What’s your favourite book? So many. A couple that I love are East of Eden by John Steinbeck and The Secret History by Donna Tartt.
  67. If you were a teacher what would you want to teach? Elementary/secondary school. Maybe English or Social Studies.
  68. How was you christmas? It was gorgeous. Spent it at home with my family at the beach.
  69. Read a book or see a movie? I love doing both. Books before bed.
  70. Do you practice any sports? I love netball, but I haven’t played for a couple of years now.
  71. Do you have a lucky number? 10
  72. Who is your favorite singer? Joni Mitchell or Harry Belafonte.
  73. Do you watch downton abbey? I haven’t, should I?
  74. Favorite warm drink on a cold set? Chai latte.
  75. Why did you choose to be an actor? Because I love experiencing life as different characters for a job.
  76. Do you sing in the shower? Every day.
  77. I am brazilian and my dream is become an actress in the US, any tip about how to do it? Study the people around you!
  78. Describe work with @jenmorrisonlive in three words? Funny, smart, brave.
  79. A place that you’ve never been but you’d love to visit? France.
  80. What’s your favorite/most used emoji? The smiley face with heart eyes when I love something.
  81. Who do you trust most in your life? My mum.
  82. How old were you when you started singing? Since school choirs when I was at primary school (elementary school).
  83. What is your favorite place on Earth? Piha, in New Zealand.
  84. What is your favorite food? Marmite on vogels toast and watermelon.
  85. What’s your favorite book? I have many. On my mind right now is East of Eden.
  86. Which character of yours has been the most interesting/fun to play? I love playing different characters, I love getting to step into the shoes of a variety of people.
  87. Do you have any plans/thoughts for a song career? I do love singing, not sure how it will keep playing a role in my life at the moment but here’s hoping.
  88. What’s your favorite part about playing Tink? The delightful people I get to work with and the support from all you.
  89. If you had the chance to go anywhere in the world,where would you go first? France. I have been meaning to go for some time now.
  90. If you were a superhero, what superpower would you like? Flying would be pretty good right?
  91. What artists are the currently listening to? this stuff. @lawrencearabia and this stuff @b_ycrush and this stuff @tinyruins
  92. On a scale from 1 to ten how much do you love your #Tinkers? That’s gotta be a 10/10.
  93. Which movie do you want to see most Divergent, Captain America:The Winter Soldier, or Noah? I’m very curious about Noah.
  94. Who’s your idol? Mine is Miranda Harcourt, an acting coach from New Zealand.
  95. Your favorite movie director? Andrea Arnold, the Dardenne Bros, Karen Moncrieff, Harry Sinclair.
  96. What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you? Relax.
  97. What do you prefer, mountain or beach? Beach, but I do love snowboarding.
  98. Do you have any secret talents? They are so secret I don’t even know them yet.
  99. Do you enjoy playing video games? Crash bandicoot. I’m a bit behind.
  100. What’s your favorite author? Favorite contemporary authors are Wally Lamb and Barbara Kingsolver and Donna Tartt and Margaret Atwood (these come to mind).
  101. How It’s to work with @jenmorrisonlive? I am very lucky to work with such a good friend.
  102. Do you like chocolate? Way too much.
  103. Who’s your biggest inspiration? My mum.
  104. Have you been in Italy? Yes, I loved Venice.
  105. How do you pass the time when you aren’t filming? Learning lines, reading, skyping my family!
  106. Which is your favorite land on OUAT? Neverland, Storybrooke or the Enchanted Forest? I like that we have been mixing it up.
  107. Do you like to sing? I love to sing.
  108. How is it filming for iZombie? I’m really lucky. It’s a blast
  109. What’s your favorite thing about @jenmorrisonlive? She’s incredibly kind.
  110. If you could play a male character in once upon a time, which character would it be and why? Captain Hook. He’s got swagger.
  111. Do you miss filming ouat? Yes, such good times!
  112. What was the most funny moment you remember about Jennifer Morrison? When she tried to pronounce the word ‘gif’.
  113. Coke or Fanta? Ginger ale.
  114. Is there any country you wish to visit and it has never been before? I’d love to go to India.
  115. Coolest thing that happened to you today? Shooting on iZombie with great friends.
  116. What would you do to survive in a zombie apocalypse? Wear a helmet, hide dem brains.
  117. A word to describe Karen Gillan? Hysterical.
  118. What’s the book you’re currently reading? The Stranger’s Child by Alan Hollinghurst.
  119. Have you ever done a movie or show with your accent and not an American one? Yes many, but most recently I played Tinkerbell on Once Upon a Time with a kiwi accent.
  120. Will we see Tinkerbell again? Hoping so very much!
  121. Favourite song right now? Mountain Lion by George Byrne.
  122. What are 3 things you never leave the house without? pawpaw (lip balm) sunscreen and sunnies.
  123. Do you like animals? What’s your favourite? I LOVE chimpanzees.
  124. What do you miss most about filming on once upon a time? Getting to see the lovely cast and crew every day.
  125. How was it working on ‘Warning Labels’ with friends? I had a blast. We laughed our heads off and Jennifer Morrison did a great job directing.
  126. What is your favorite swear word? “rats”
  127. What trait would you want to gain after eating brains? A magician’s secrets.
  128. What’s the best thing about being part of iZombie? The great scripts and the people I work with.
  129. If you could be any other character on izombie who would you be? Detective Babineaux.
  130. What do you like most about Colin O’Donoghue? His sense of humour.
  131. Which one is more cool to play, a fairy or a zombie? I can’t choose. I am so lucky to get both.
  132. If you could have been in any film ever made what would it have been? Grease.
  133. How is it to work with Robert Buckley? Buckley is a riot and very talented.
  134. Will you be attending any Conventions this year? Fingers crossed. Keep an eye on my twitter!
  135. Your favourite movie? I have many. At the moment have Grease and Lost in Translation in my head.
  136. What did you like the most about Tink? Her backbone.
  137. Do you have fun playing the full zombie? Yes but i lose my voice doing all the zombie growling!
  138. Do you like musicals? If so which ones your favorite? Yes indeeeeeed. At highschool I did a few that I loved, Footloose, Blood Brothers, Pajama Game
  139. What are the advantages of being a Zombie? Self defense.
  140. Can you describe Jennifer Morrison in one word? Compassionate.
  141. Can you describe Karen Gillan in one word? Cheeky.
  142. What’s your favorite thing about events like Comic Con? Getting to meet fans. So exciting to meet the people who make my job possible!
  143. Do you have any kind of ritual that you do before you start a scene? Shake my arms out to make sure I have tangible energy.
  144. If you could go anywhere right now where would you go? France.
  145. If you could revive one day of your life, what would it be? My last day of highschool, it was such an exciting and profound day.
  146. Do you believe in zombies? After working on our show… I certainly hope not.
  147. What’s the best part of being an actress? Getting to make believe all day.
  148. In a zombie apocalypse what would be the first thing you would do? Run. and throw on long sleeves.
  149. You and Rahul Kohli work amazing together on screen! Do you have as much fun off screen? We do, we laugh our heads off.
  150. You were a fan of someone when was a teenager? Ricky @rickygervais.
  151. If you were trapped in a shopping mall over night, what would you do? Eat all the candy.
  152. What do you like most about your fans? How supportive and kind they are.
  153. If you were given the opportunity to come back to ouat, would you accept? Yes! Scheduling work can be hard – thats the only problem.
  154. What’s your favorite thriller movie? I loved Cape Fear.
  155. What’s your favorite French word? pamplemousse.
  156. What’s your favorite thing about working with Malcolm Goodwin? His stories. Incredible.
  157. Can you describe Saoirse Ronan in one word? Incredible.
  158. What’s your favorite thing to cook? Chicken with lentils and broccolini.
  159. What is the best tv show that you have seen? The Simpsons and Seinfeld.
  160. What’s your favorite time of the year? New Zealand summer.