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Beauty Favorite

What’s your go-to look in real life?
I think good skin is always appealing, so actually a skincare regime would be my go-to favourite thing, like a nice moisturizer. I’ve been loving Kate Somerville lately. I think it’s nice to see people’s real beauty and who they are. In my own life, when it’s not for photo shoots or anything else, I think it’s nice to have quite a minimal look.”

Are there any beauty products from New Zealand you miss now that you’re living in the U.S.? There’s a great line called Trilogy. I like to use natural and organic as much as possible, and they have a lot of great natural lines, so I miss that a little. We use [Lucas’] Papaw a lot at home, too. I’ve noticed it more and more out here.”

Beauty Favorite

Ultra Light Cleansing Oil – NEUTROGENA
With all the makeup Rose has to wear for the ‘Liv Moore’ look, it’s not always the kindest year skin. To ‘undead’ that kind of dead look, she’s using a oil-based cleansing product.

THIRSTYMUD™ Hydrating Treatment – GLAMGLOW
To hydrate her skin, the must moisture for her is the ‘GLAMGLOW’ collection.

Masquintense Fine – KERASTASE
With the ‘Liv Moore’ look, Rose’s hair also are really dry. She is using ‘KERASTASE’ collection mask and they’re like saving her hair.

Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels – SKYN ICELAND
During early mornings filming she is using ‘SKYN ICELAND’ for her dark circles. They also are life savers for her.

Body Butter, Olive – THE BODY SHOP
If there were a real-life zombie apocalypse and if she has to choice one beauty product, Rose would take a heavy moisturizer/a nice rich moisturizer like an Olive Body Butter from ‘THE BODY SHOP’.

Beauty Routine

Hot Flannels/WashCloths
She is a big fan of hot-flannels/washcloths. She use a really hot cloth to steam her face and make sure she don’t have any residual product. The, she use a with-hazel toner.

Pure Cloud Cream – SKYN ICELAND
She use the ‘Pure Cloud Cream’ from SKYN ICELAND but also some other beauty products from this brand. According the her, they have great face gels and eye gels too. She like to keep it quite simple and she don’t wear a ton of makeup.

Tinted Moisturizer – LAURA MERCIER
This is one of Rose’s must-haves, she use that a lot. She really like not having to do too much.

They’re Real! – BENEFIT
She also use some mascara because she needs a little help with her blonde eyelashes and she likes this one.