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Ghosts CBSInterview: Rose McIver on the Joy of Making ‘Ghosts’

Interview: Rose McIver on the Joy of Making ‘Ghosts’

CBS’ comedy series Ghosts continues to be one of the most enjoyable comedies on television as it wraps up its second season. The American version of the popular UK sitcom of the same name follows Sam (Rose McIver) and Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar), who, after inheriting a massive country home, soon discover that there are ghosts that live within it – and Sam can see them.

Awards Radar had the chance to speak with McIver, who spoke to the transition from one undead-centered show to another after her time on iZombie:

“I feel like there’s similarities obviously in the heightened world that they’re living in. Some of the humor and the tone. But the characters are very different. Sam is incredibly accommodating, and I think of Liv in iZombie as more of a warrior. Sam is a juggler, and an anchor, and someone who is trying to hold people together. Liv was pushing through, and Sam is helping everything hold. Character-wise, it feels very different, but I certainly seem to have a thing for the undead.”

On filming scenes twice to hide and then show the ghosts:

“There have been a number of, the camera moves and all the ghosts run in from outside where they’ve been hiding and then when the camera comes back around to them, they’re all suddenly revealed. We’ve had to do a few things like that. Trent O’Donnell, one of our directors, is really brilliant. He directed the pilot, and he’s really imaginative in how he likes to play with that. I remember one pass, the camera was coming along behind my head. It comes behind mine and Utkarsh’s head, and on one side, it’s looking out and it sees nobody, and then it comes past mine, and we have to fill everybody. Those sorts of things which end up being tiny moments on screen, but potent moments, are very complicated to shoot, and worth it.”

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