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Ghosts CBSInterview: 'Ghosts': Rose McIver Teases Surprising Season 2 Finale

Interview: ‘Ghosts’: Rose McIver Teases Surprising Season 2 Finale

The future of Woodstone Mansion may be up for debate in the ‘Ghostsfinale.

When a woman claiming to be Sam’s relative arrives to the manor alleging that she’s the the rightful heir to the estate, Sam and Jay hire a lawyer to get to the bottom of the dispute. As uncertainty clouds the future of Woodstone, questions arise over what will come of the manor and the ghosts who live in it.

“I just think it’s so hard for Sam because all she’s wanted is a family. She doesn’t have a strong family herself and she’s inherited a lot of family with the ghosts. But when somebody shows up and says, ‘I’m related to you,’ that’s so enticing to Sam,” ‘Ghostsstar Rose McIver tells ET’s Matt Cohen in previewing the sophomore finale. “And it’s hard for her to get past and work out the logistics of potentially losing her home because of this new info.

Rose McIver noted that whatever shenanigans the Ghosts‘ gang endure on the show is exactly how it is on set. “Have you been to a daycare before? It’s a lot of kids, a lot of energy, a lot of fun. They all need a nap. We have a good time,” the actress joked. “It’s pretty chaotic. I think that’s when some of the magic happens.

The 34-year-old actress credited the fans for sticking with them since its debut in 2021, when asked what she attributes the show’s success to.

I feel so lucky. People came on board and I think it’s the chemistry between a lot of the characters. There’s an unlikely group of people living together and it’s refreshing to see people who think very differently, having to kind of understand each other,Rose McIver explained. “That’s been a really interesting thing in the world right now to watch onscreen. It’s great writing and we have an incredible team in Montreal we work with. It’s a real passion project for a huge crew.

Meanwhile, Rose McIver got her start 30 years ago in the 1993 Jane Campion film, ‘The Piano, which marked her screen debut.

That is so wild that that was 30 years ago!” she exclaimed, adding that though she was very young when she filmed it, she does “remember it.

It’s one of my earliest memories,Rose McIver shared, before offering her biggest memory from filming. “I really needed to pee on the set. And as happens, it’s a busy set. I was essentially an extra and they don’t have time to hold the role, so I’m crossing my legs as I walk up in the background. You’ll notice that that was an early memory for me 30 years ago now.

It was a lovely group of people. Everybody was super nice,” she said of the cast, which included Holly Hunter, Harvey Keitel, Sam Neill and Anna Paquin. “I think I remember thinking, ‘I need to speak up right now. Well, there’s gonna be an accident.’ But at the same time, I guess I learned to be professional young.

In her personal life, Rose McIver has a lot to celebrate, having tied the knot with photographer George Byrne, whose sister is actress Rose Byrne, at the start of this year. Rose McIver said it’s “amazing” having Rose Byrne as a sister-in-law. “She’s the best and I feel very lucky. Enjoying married life,” she said.

So what will it take for her to team up with Rose Byrne in front of the camera? “From your lips to God’s ears.

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