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AppearanceRose McIver at 'Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2016' - Master Post

Rose McIver at ‘Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2016’ – Master Post

Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12, Rose McIver will be attending the ‘Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2016′ in Melbourne (Australia).

Saturday, June 11

  • 10:00 – Rose McIver Autographs
  • 11:30 – Power Rangers Duo Photo (Rose McIver + Dan Ewing)
  • 11:40 – Rose McIver Photo
  • 12:30 – iZombie Duo Photo (Rose McIver + David Anders)
  • 14:00 – Rose McIver Panel
  • 15:00 – Rose McIver Autographs
  • 16:15 – Rose McIver Autographs
  • 17:00 – Rose McIver Photo
  • 17:15 – Rose McIver Autographs

Sunday, June 12

  • 10:00 – Rose McIver Autographs
  • 11:30 – iZombie Duo Photo (Rose McIver + David Anders)
  • 12:00 – Rose McIver Photo
  • 12:35 – Power Rangers Duo Photo (Rose McIver + Dan Ewing)
  • 12:45 – Rose McIver Autographs
  • 14:00 – Rose McIver Panel
  • 15:00 -Rose McIver Autographs
  • 16:15 – Rose McIver Autographs
  • 16:45 – Rose McIver Photo
  • 17:00 – Rose McIver Autographs


02. Photos

11/06 – Oz Comic-Con Day 1

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jSh8I43g.jpg W9pyFBqb.jpg

12/06 – Oz Comic-Con Day 2

IMG_20160612_090613.jpg IMG_20160612_090601.jpg IMG_20160612_075313.jpg tmp_26808-BGiml1yrE4_1895817700.jpg
tmp_15093-BGi0GrGhyKS1694938667.jpg tmp_15093-BGjHg_FLvOm-1063085923.jpg tmp_2719-BGjX-tkoj-t-2075292086.jpg CkwqfbzUoAALbm6.jpg

03. Infos

  • David Anders crashed Rose McIver‘s panel and sang the opening of ‘iZombie(see video below).
  • Rose McIver said again that she would like a crossover between ‘iZombie‘ and ‘The Flash‘ where she and Grant Gustin will run the whole episode.
  • Rose McIver thinks that Tink would be very disappointed with Robin’s death. There would have been lots of head shaking at the news. #OnceUponAtime
  • Rose McIver‘s favourite scene to film was when Tink confronted Regina. #OnceUponAtime

04. Videos

Thank you to all who have shared these photos on social networks and to : Kayla, Matt, Bradley, Melisa, Laura, pettip3t, Nick, Laura, Kim, Ashlee, Samantha, robynxcakes, Matt, Kayla, for allowing us to share their photos.

My name is Stéphanie - creator, webmaster and social medias manager of The Rose McIver Fansite (known as Rose McIver Source). I have been a french fan of Rose since a decade. Way back in 2013, I noticed there were no French or English website supporting her projects or promoting her amazing work – that's why I decided to create this fansite, in English to reach a larger audience. I started following Rose in my early twenties, here I am in my thirties, even more enthusiastic to share everything related to her career.​ I had the opportunity to meet Rose three times. In May 2017, at the 'Fairy Tales 5' con in Paris. In February 2020, virtually during "Empire's Virtual Hangout 4". In May 2023, I went to Germany to meet Rose again.



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