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iZombieiZombie Star Rose McIver Talks Season Two

iZombie Star Rose McIver Talks Season Two

Fans of iZombie have some of the biggest cliffhangers of any comic book show to bounce back from this season.

The series, which was written without a clear idea of whether it would even get a second season, ended with Liv’s little brother clinging to life, many of her loved ones turned against her, and a villain still on the loose — albeit without his special zombie powers.

Series star Rose McIver joined for a quick chat about the forthcoming season during July’s Comic-Con International: San Diego.

The first thing I’ll ask is that you had a hell of a finale in terms of the status quo shaking up. It seems you’ll now have to come out, so can you talk about what that means?

When we got the finale, I just remember all of us cast sitting around page-turning as quickly as possible and just in shock. When I finished, I just ran to the writers and said, “Okay, so what happens in Season Two?” And they were like, “Hang on, we haven’t even been renewed yet,” but I was like “Okay, but I need to know!”

We pick up a few months later and so decisions have been made. Lives have been lost or lived through, and so it’s going to be…Liv’s world have changed a lot. A lot of people who mattered to her in her life know, and whether they accept her or don’t accept her is going to really shift a lot of the dynamics for Season Two.

There’s a desire on the part of the audience to kill Blaine, I think, but how great is it that you’re still going to have David Anders to play off of?

David Anders is the best villain ever. I start to worry about why he’s cast, always, as a villain. I’m like, “Are you a fundamentally bad person, Anders?” And he says yes, so…

He’s brilliant. He’s one of my favorite actors that I’ve worked with. We have a lot of fun. He does something different each time, which is refreshing. It’s like he brings an idea and then he plays, and he’s got a kind of commitment and power in his delivery, that I’m very glad is playing our villain.

From a craft point of view, there are some core relationships that Liv has where the dynamic doesn’t change a lot when your personalty shifts. How difficult is that, trying to portray Liv in a separate headspace but still kind of functioning as herself?

The good news is, I always look the same, so at least we have that. She doesn’t change and morph into a different being.

I don’t want to overthink it too much because I think the more you try to create a character, it becomes a diversion from what everybody’s got on board with who’s carrying us through the show. So I try to keep the essence of Liv there and almost like she’s inebriated with this new brain, or she’s on a trip of some sort. So it influences and it will come out in waves but it’s fundamentally still Liv and she’s still facing the same challenges.


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