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Appearance*LIVE* iZombie - Rose McIver at ‘Wizard World Comic Con‘ - Day...

*LIVE* iZombie – Rose McIver at ‘Wizard World Comic Con‘ – Day 3 & Day 4

8:15pm CDT (19/08): “I get my zzzzzs on the road. #Chicago

This week-end (Saturday and Sunday), Rose McIver is attending Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago for Photo Ops, Autographs and Panels. She will be there alongside actors such as Sebastian Stan, Norman Reedus, Milo Ventimiglia, Jon Bernthal and much more.

Join tens of thousands of fans as they converge at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago to celebrate the best in pop culture. Wizard World Comic Con Chicago brings it all – Movies, Comics, Toys, Video Gaming, Games, TV, Horror, Wrestling, MMA, Original Art, Collectibles, Anime, Manga & More! Wizard World Comic Con Chicago is brought to you by the group who produces the most widely attended Comic Con tour! This is Chicago’s largest and longest-running Comic Con!

+7 HQ photos of Rose McIver at Saturday’s Panel have been added. Be sure to check them out!

——————– Saturday, 20th August ——————–


thanksto_LostOnTheFringe_28329.jpg thanksto_LostOnTheFringe_28429.jpg thanksto_LostOnTheFringe_28529.jpg thanksto_LostOnTheFringe_28229.jpg

The line to get an autograph of Rose McIver was huge. There was a lot of attending people who where waiting to get an autograph from her.


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tmp_12165-9b2def1a8d63e984836dd704ce58b730-1534942512.jpg wizardworld-thanksto_LostOnTheFringe_285029.jpg wizardworld-thanksto_LostOnTheFringe_282929.jpg wizardworld-thanksto_LostOnTheFringe_282129.jpg

  • Rose McIver says she’s great friends with Jennifer Morrison.
  • Rose McIver wants to eat Steven Avery’s brain so we really know the #MakingAMurderer truth!
  • Rose McIver says she loved playing a magician in ‘iZombie’.
  • Spoiler for ‘iZombie’ season 3: Rose McIver says she will be a dominatrix and a hippie!
  • Rose McIver says the fake brains on ‘iZombie’ taste awful..and she has a spit bucket!
  • Rose McIver reveals she goes diva over the brains she has to eat because of the gelatin.
  • Rose McIver says ‘iZombie’ and ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ would make a crazy crossover.
  • Rose McIver loved playing a magician because she got to learn magic.#iZombie
  • Rose McIver got asked if she would reprise her role of Hanna from ‘Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook Off’ or the Yellow Power Rangers. She said Hanna!
  • Season 3 of ‘iZombie’ will pick up 3 mins post season 2.
  • Rose McIver wants a crossover with ‘Supernatural’.
  • Rose McIver says she’s trying to workout a schedule to go back on ‘Once Upon A Time’.
  • Rose McIver had some deep thoughts about who’s brains she would like Liv to eat. Can someone say Serial Podcast hosts?
  • Being vulnerable doesn’t make Liv weak.
  • Liv new romance interest won’t be killed off…least not so soon.
  • Liv biggest reason to be human is to have a a family of her own.
  • Rose McIver says she would be useless in a zombie apocalypse.

——————– Sunday, 21th August ——————–


bumkiekie.jpg wizstephen.jpg

BACKSTAGE – Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary

During the ‘Wizard World‘ on Sunday, Rose McIver went to the ‘Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary‘. There, she met Lucian (a Black Tufted Capuchin) who has been rescued bu them (EWS is a onprofit sanctuary based in Illinois. They provide permanent homes for their animal ambassadors in our care.)

14063617_1922793907955061_417787203_n.jpg CqbVKj8WIAEG3RS.jpg

BACKSTAGE – Celebrity Car Museum: The Velvet Collection

She also went to the ‘Celebrity Car Museum: The Velvet Collection‘ to take the Shaggin Wagon for a spin.

CqaCZ4TUAAApm2B.jpg 14102452_1423676450981336_5562994921003306879_n.jpg 14045684_1423676427648005_3167177767584442666_n.jpg


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Huge thanks to: @TheGameOfNerd, @Pure_Fandom, @MeMadeline2,@HNewsSource, @jasonmania, @brandeegene, @thetrukingslayr, @cosplayagainstbullying, @garpods22, @robkixx, @jakemlarson, @wizstephen, winefredgo, @moremeknow, @palatineleefan, @cadaunhauer, @niklumos, @jayson.waterfalls  and @koppenkimberley for being so sweet and sharing all their infos/photos!
Special mention for Lisa (@LostOnTheFringe) who shared almost everything we have in the site about ‘Wizard World Chicago’.

My name is Stéphanie - creator, webmaster and social medias manager of The Rose McIver Fansite (known as Rose McIver Source). I have been a french fan of Rose since a decade. Way back in 2013, I noticed there were no French or English website supporting her projects or promoting her amazing work – that's why I decided to create this fansite, in English to reach a larger audience. I started following Rose in my early twenties, here I am in my thirties, even more enthusiastic to share everything related to her career.​ I had the opportunity to meet Rose three times. In May 2017, at the 'Fairy Tales 5' con in Paris. In February 2020, virtually during "Empire's Virtual Hangout 4". In May 2023, I went to Germany to meet Rose again.



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