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Ghosts CBSInterview: 'Ghosts' Star Rose McIver Reveals Which Woodstone Spirits She Would Switch...

Interview: ‘Ghosts’ Star Rose McIver Reveals Which Woodstone Spirits She Would Switch Places With

SourceGhosts has continuously delivered the laughs throughout its premiere season on CBS but one specific episode has left fans clamoring for another take on a very eccentric scenario. In the 10th episode titled “Possession,” fans got a glimpse of chaos through the eyes of Hetty (Rebecca Wisocky) possessing the body of Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar). While no Woodstone ghost has since possessed the Livings following the incident, fans are curious to see if it would ever happen — this time with Sam, played most endearingly by Rose McIver.

When asked if she would like to switch places with any of the Woodstone ghosts for a Season 2 possibility, McIver said it “changes minute to minute” depending on how she feels. The response is fair enough considering the ghosts continue to show deep, detailed layers to their personalities in every episode, allowing for a welcoming opportunity for the New Zealand-born actor. But she does have some thoughts about who she thinks would be a good fit for Sam.

I think Thorfinn would be quite fun,” she said of her co-star, Devan Chandler Long, who plays the teddy bear Viking ghost. “I would need, like vocal chord surgery afterward, but he would be a really fun character to embody this — so many kinds of physical traits and things to hang on to. So I feel like I could have fun with that.” Another ghost McIver feels she can have fun with is the pantless Trevor played most charmingly by Asher Grodman. “[He] would be pretty funny because he’s obviously the guy that Sam struggles with the most, that would be quite interesting for taking over.

If things come to fruition for either Long or Grodman, it would be all love on the set. Singing McIver’s praises this past March, Long admitted he “couldn’t choose anyone else” he’d rather do a scene with, lauding his co-star as an “impeccable” talent. “I have so much respect for her and her process and how she just delivers. I mean, she delivers. A lot of us will come in and we’ll drop lines here and there, but Rose is just on point all the time, and her energy is just so beautiful.

Meanwhile, Grodman had echoed similar sentiments during a conversation with PopCulture last October, admitting he was at a loss for words over her immaculate talent. “I can’t even begin,” he said of her performance. “She’s even better as a kind of the leader of the group — she’s an incredible, number one, on the call sheet. We just got so lucky with her. So any opportunity Trevor has to flirt with Rose, I’m thrilled with because I get to work with Rose. The fun in this relationship is Sam has all the power. Trevor’s just trying to get a word in edge-wise.

When it comes to learning more about the house ghosts, McIver says while choosing one over the other is a “little bit like choosing your favorite child” because of all the different elements that make them up, she is most interested in seeing some of the flashbacks from the larger than life 1920s jazz singing ghost Alberta, played down to a tee by Danielle Pinnock. “I think that would be a really visually evocative kind of scene to go into as well and be in some little speakeasy bar and the style and the music. I think that could be a really cool story, not only on a character level, but just visually it would be a really nice scene to kind to explore.

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