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InterviewExclusive Q&A with Rose McIver

Exclusive Q&A with Rose McIver

This week, Lifetime shared an exclusive interview with Rose McIver. She talks about her role in Petals On The Wind’, her co-stars, and some anecdotes.

Rose McIver stars as “Cathy” in the Lifetime Original Movie “Petals on the WInd.” Find out how she prepared for the role, her favorite scene and more, in this exclusive Q&A.

How familiar were you with the Flowers in the Attic series before taking on the role as Cathy? Did you watch Lifetime’s Flowers in the Attic and/or read the books?

I had not read the books, although I had heard of them. In preparing for the role of Cathy I watched the first film, and had lengthy discussions with both the director Karen Moncrieff and my acting coach Miranda Harcourt about Cathy’s emotional journey. Kiernan Shipka did a fantastic job creating the character.

There is also a large ballet component in the film so I went back into barre classes and working with our fantastic choreographer Kitty McNamee.

Describe your character Cathy in 3 words.

Brave, conflicted and maternal.

If you could change one thing about her what would it be?

Her tendency to rely on men to make her feel complete.

What was the most difficult scene(s) to shoot?

The dance sequences were very physically taxing but also a lot of fun. Poor hair and makeup departments had to deal with me sweating off all their efforts to pretty me up!

Did Heather Graham or Ellen Burstyn offer you any advice while on set?

Not specifically. I tend to learn a lot from working with people just by watching their processes and openness as an actor. I was a big fan of Ellens already so it was an honor to work with her.

What’s your favorite scene in the movie?

The sequence with Olivia’s character when Cathy finally addresses how damaging her childhood was.

Are there any fun facts about yourself you’d like to share with fans?

If I had never been an actor I would have loved to teach elementary school. I think it’s an incredibly honorable job and I find it so refreshing and rewarding to work with children and their brilliant imaginations.

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