Singer – iZombie

2015 – Let You Go

Song Name: Let You Go
Artist: Rose McIver (as Liv Moore on the CW’s show ‘iZombie’)
Duration: 01:44
Info: Deirdre Mangan and Josh Kramon wrote this song for the show. Then, Liv (Rose McIver) performed it on the fourth episode of season 2.

So you heard from some folks that I ain’t been true
I guess you still get gossip in the clink

It happened one night, I was full of SoCo and lime
When a pretty boy bought me a drink

And he said, Darlin, you’re too pretty to be sad
And I said, Mister, I needed to hear that real bad

And come the next morning, I find Pretty Boy in our bed
And visitors how you’d kill us in my head.

There’s only nightmares ahead of us
And sweet dreams long ago
It’s time to wake up, baby
It’s time I let you go
I’ve got to let you go