FanMeet – Aline – May 27, 2017 – Fairy Tales 5 (Paris)

I’ve been able to meet Rose McIver at the ‘Fairy Tales 5’ convention in May 2017. Failing to have my whole weekend, I attended only one day.

I was very stressed to meet Rose, because she’s really one of my favorite actresses. When I was in the queue for my pictures, I had tears in my eyes. It’s a friend who comfort me and helped me not to fall in tears. Once in front of her, it was a dream… She was super nice, all cute, she accepted my two poses.

In the evening, during the autographs session, we talked a few words and she was especially impressed by my editing of ‘McMorrison(Rose+Jennifer Morrison friendship), she loved it. When she told me ‘See you tomorrow’, I did not dare to tell her that I wouldn’t be there tomorrow, because of work. I have dreamed a long time about this meeting, she was even more than perfect, she is an actress very close to her fans. She has a sweet word for everyone and she really want to know us. A small part of actors learns French for conventions, I was very impressed about this and touched by her devotion and simplicity… I only dream of one thing, see her again one day. This is one of my best meeting.

Big thanks to Aline for sharing her story and pics with us!








Big thanks to Aline for sharing her story with us!