Rose McIver Source is pleased to present you exclusively the first unofficial guide about Liv‘s recipes (Rose McIver) in ‘iZombie‘. Through this first guide dedicated to the first season of the show (other guides about Liv’s season 2 & 3 will be published soon) you will be able to find various recipes inspired by the dishes she prepares, and all this guaranteed without brain (lol)!


During the launch of this ‘iZombie Cookbook‘, I’ve got a great support from the ‘iZombie‘ crew including Rose McIver. Then, during her visit in France in May 2017, I decided to print a paper version of this book in order to give it to her as a gift. When I gave it to her and she was like ‘Wooooooow’. I told her ‘I don’t know if you remember it on Twitter’, and she said ‘Yeeeeah, I remember!! You made it? I looooove it, it’s amazing.’. She turned all pages, looked inside and was really delighted and surprised that I offer it to her. Later, she shared the cookbook on her ‘Instagram Stories’ feed among other gifts she received!



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