WEEK 01 (July, 25th to July, 29th) – Behind the Brains

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On this special post dedicated to ‘iZombie‘ Season 3 filming, find all informations (photos/videos/tweets) by weeks. Be sure to check out THIS PAGE for a full coverage of the season 3’s filming.

Great news! ‘iZombie‘ is finally back for filming! They are currently filming Season 3 Episode 1.

  • 25/07 – (Rahul) Day 1 of complete, back to the batcave for a some toilet time and homework. Feels like we never left…
  • 26/07 – (Rose) My athlete’s foot is kickin’ off again love”, Rahul. Behind the scenes gossip on
  • 27/07 – (Rose) “You couldn’t last a day in my blades, dude” Buckley to Rahul. #iZombie #bts #iZombieGoss
  • 28/07 – (Rose) Rahul on theatre, “unless I’m in it, I can’t be bothered with it to be honest, love”. #behindthebrains #iZombie
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