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NewsThe CW Winter Press Tour - Master Post (Panel+Photos)

The CW Winter Press Tour – Master Post (Panel+Photos)

Hi everyone! As you know, ‘iZombie‘ cast and crew are currently at the ‘CW Winter Press Tour‘ for the promo of their new show. Here is some exclusive things about the show shared by people on twitter (thanks to them!)


First official photos of Rose and iZombie cast&crew have been added to the gallery!

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  • First 4 episodes of are lots of fun. Snappy and sassy dialogue reminiscent of . Recommend checking out on 3/17.
  • If you close your eyes during the VO you will swear Rose McIver’s American accent is just Kristen Bell.
  • Rose McIver says the makeup process is about an hour an half. She wears wig, exposed skin is airbrushed w/white translucent makeup
  • In Rose McIver’s character Liv sees flashes of dead people’s lives after she eats their brains. Ultimate crime fighter!
  • “I’ve never been more terrified receiving scripts in my life,” McIver says of the random special skills to learn weekly.
  • In pilot, she eats brains of someone who speaks Romanian, so she can speak Romanian for the week.
  • Liv also inherits some of the traits of the dead whose brain she eats. Discussion in writers room was how far to take that.
  • Rob Thomas says Liv is a much softer character than the cynical Veronica Mars. She’s trying to return to sweetness.
  • Rose McIver says is sometimes a comedy, sometimes a drama. “It just feels like we’re working on a bunch of different shows.”
  • “It’s the dream job in the sense I can combine so many different characters” –
  • “iZombie” star Rose McIver is smiling a whole lot more in panel today then she does in the show. Also, slightly less pale.
  • “I’ve never been more terrified receiving scripts in my life.” — of upcoming , about adopting new traits weekly
  • They ultimately decided to go for it – meaning has to learn new languages, skills for as Liv gains new skills.
  • offers a challenged romance story with Liv forced to breakoff her engagement with her hunky fiance after turned zombie.

  • “We do introduce a zombie gentleman caller in episode 5, so Liv‘s long national nightmare will end at some point.”
  • Diane Ruggiero-Wright says there will be sex in the show. Libido isn’t a problem for Liv. Is zombie sexually transmitted?
  • Robert Buckley: Major will be around even tho he’s not with Liv. He has his own life & we’ll see that in the show.
  • Det. Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) just thinks Liv is a psychic medical examiner, which is hilarious. has a lot fun with that.
  • Malcolm Goodwin says his character has humorous moments thinking Liv‘s food looks delicious, not knowing it’s brains.
  • Robert Buckley: Major is pining over losing Liv. Looking for some explanation why she doesn’t wanna be with her.
  • Liv is learning how to be one of the undead as episodes of progress.

  • More zombies will pop up in future episodes of , including one who may be a suitor for Liv.
  • Rob Thomas: We’ll meet more zombies and Liv will have a suitor. is a zombie you want to date:
  • We will learn more about the night that Liv became a zombie but David Anders’ character will still be mysterious.
  • Why doesn’t Liv try to look more normal? admits, “Because she will look great on our poster!”
  • will explore the possibility of a cure for zombie-ism, which gives Liv hope.

  • The brains Liv eats on the show are made of agar agar, like coconut gelatin. David Anders says it tastes bad.
  • references the zombie pop culture domination. Liv will study up on her brethren!

  • Thomas says Liv doesn’t spray tan and looks like a zombie because she’s “out and proud” (and it looks good on a poster).
  • A character will suggest Liv gets a tan and she says “Oh like I’m some self-hating zombie?”
  • Another funny aspect of is how her boss at morgue is so excited and enthusiastic about Liv‘s condition. He thinks she’s cool
  • Rob Thomas says Liv is a much softer character than the cynical Veronica Mars. She’s trying to return to sweetness.
  • While has a voice over like , says approach is different because Liv is not as cynical as Veronica.

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