Special Guest: Let me introduce you to Eddie’s ‘iZombie’ collection


Hi everyone!

Today I have a special post to share with you. Recently via the site’s Facebook group, we met Eddie: A huge fan of the show ‘iZombie‘.

Eddie accepted to share with me his very beautiful and awesome collection of objects from the successful CW show.

I have seasons 1-2-3 official DVDs and my fan made DVDs of seasons 4 and 5. As you know those two do not have an official DVD. Rose life-sized stand. ‘Izombie‘ 16 month calender 2017. (They only made a calender for one year). Xbox and PlayStation system and controller skins. The ‘Izombie‘ Diamond Select figures. ‘Izombie‘ neck badges. ‘Izombie‘ Funko Pop figures including the rare 2016 Summer Convention Exclusive. I have all of Rose‘s movies on DVD/VHS. (Lovely Bones, P.R. RPM, etc… I have yet to make my DVDs for her works that haven’t had physical media. But I’m working on it). ‘Izombie‘ Blurays I have them still in shrink wrap. ‘Izombie‘ Shirts/Hoodies, I still have in shrink Wrap. I’m sure there are more ‘Izombie‘/Rose goodies to collect. But I’m working on it. Now here are the pics to follow.



If you’d also like to be featured in a special post at Rose McIver Source, feel free to contact me via the social networks or email!

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