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I’ve made a big exclusive update about Rose McIver in ‘Rude Awakenings‘ (2007). She played the role of Constance Short in several episodes. This is a small show which aired in New Zealand in 2007, images, videos and informations are very hard to find. If you share them, please credit us.

I’ve added an EPISODE GUIDE of the show. You can see all informations you need about the show on our episode guide directory.

ep1_a.jpg Constance4epi3.jpg ep8.jpg ep9.jpg ni

ra_episodic_a.jpg rude-awakenings-e3.jpg constance_portrait.jpgni ni

For those wishing to see Rose in the role of Constance, you can see all the scenes in which she played through the playlist below.

Since it’s a little bit difficult to sort and to know in which episodes she played, I’ve sorted the screencaps according to the playlist above.

Rude_Awakenings_-_Constance_and_Ralph_1_037.jpg Rude_Awakenings_-_Constance_s_New_Assistant_082.jpg Rude_Awakenings_-_Constance_follows_a_spy_173.jpg Rude_Awakenings_-_Constance_lies_to_her_boss_89.jpg Rude_Awakenings_-_Constance_s_Second_Mission_400.jpg

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