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Rose McIver as Adrienne

Genre: Comedy
Release Date: All episodes September 9, 2020
Network: Hulu (also ABC Studios and Sony Pictures Television Inc)
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Developed by: Marshall Todd and Keith Knight
Casting: Lamorne Morris, T. Murph, Blake Anderson and Rose McIver


“Woke” mixes of live-action and animation and is inspired by the life and art of cartoonist Keith Knight. The series follows Keef (Morris), an African-American cartoonist living in San Francisco, who’s finally on the cusp of mainstream success when an unexpected incident changes everything.

Production Timeline

  • The pilot was filmed in 2019 in Vancouver and was picked up by Hulu in August 2019 for a first season.
  • In January 13, 2020, Rose started working in this project.


  • Adrienne is from New Zealand like Rose so she was able to keep her accent.
  • Rose joined Lamorne Morris’s podcast ‘Unwanted‘ in 2021.

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About Adrienne

Her History

She is from New Zealand and she is an artist who creates artistic installation. His first ‘installation’ was at 12 Years old when she found a dead starfish and she stucked hypodermic needles in it trying to make comment about the pollution of the beach but she has just caused a urine-testing for all the school kids because a teacher though she was promoting drug use using the needles found on the beach. This fact made her very popular. She dated an EDM Dj and a drug dealer.

She meets Keef at a party organized by a woman who Keef meets while driving that she invited him. Seems like Adrienne has also been paid to attend at he party, like Keef. They start dating without involve romantic feelings, but very soon these feelings, and problems, come to surface.

Her Appearance

She has medium long very waving blonde hair. She often dress clothes like vintage style oversized trousers or very tight elegant floreal dress.

She has an unidentified tattoo on ribs, on the left side of the chest.

Episode Guide

Rose appeared in 5 episodes. 

EpisodeDescriptionDirected/Written byOriginal Air date
S01E03Gig E. Smalls

Being “woke” doesn’t pay the bills. It also doesn’t save you from awkward small talk at parties thrown by rich white ladies.

/Keith Knight9 Sept. 2020
S01E04Black People For Rent

Keef channels his creative energy in a provocative new way.
/Rochee Jeffrey9 Sept. 2020
S01E05Oaktown Get-Down

Keef and his friends head to an Oakland artists’ salon where he hopes to get in the good graces of the East Bay’s artistic elite.
/Marshall Todd9 Sept. 2020
S01E07Prayers for Kubby

What should be a quick trip across town instead turns into the bus ride from Hell.
/Jay Dyer9 Sept. 2020
S01E08Blue Lies Matter

Months later, Keef thinks he’s finally arrived in a better place until he’s confronted with an unexpected face from the past.
/Conor Galvin & Brittany Miller9 Sept. 2020