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Rose McIver as Kate

Genre: Podcast, Action, Comedy
Release Date: 2021
Country USA
Language: English
Runtime: 20-30 minutes
Produced by: Lamorne Morris
Co-created by: Kyle Shevrin, Lamorne Morris

About the podcast

Two slackers attempt to catch an escaped convicted murderer who is allegedly hiding in their town to cash in on the million-dollar reward the police are offering.


  • This podcast is produced by Lamorne Morris, Rose‘s co-star from ‘Woke‘.

About Rose's character

Episode 4 – Ben and Grant enter Shelly’s lair and find a woman who appears to have been kidnapped and tied. She explains that three nights before, she was sitting on her couch watching some ‘Master Chef Junior’ when she heard someone right in front of her porch. She went to see who it was and when she opened the door, she (apparently Shelley) was standing there. Then, everything went black and she woke up down were they found her. She told them she spent one week there. Her name is Kate and seems to be a badass woman. We also learn that she spent some time in the marine core as her dad was in the military. *Then she grabs a gun*

Episode 5 – Our bounty hunting trio gets one big step closer to capturing Shelly, thanks to a visit to her old pal Darko. Kate investigates Darko’s office for evidence where she founds fake passport, social security card and others papers all made out for shelly (everything she would need to disappear). 

Listen to the podcast

Rose is appearing in 5 episodes.