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The Amazing Extraordinary Friends

Rose McIver as Emily Rushmore

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comed
Release Date: September 2006 (New Zealand)
Country New Zealand
Language: English
Creator: Stephen J Campbell
Casting: Carl Dixon, David McPhail, Patrick Morrison, Hannah Marshall, Robyn Maclean, Tyler Jane, Madeleine Lynch, John Leigh, Stuart Devenie, Tanya Pouwhare, Todd Emerson, Rose McIver


A dorky teenage boy finds an amulet, that turns him into a real life superhero, with powers. Where there are superheroes there are always super villains but with the help of his friends they don their masks to fight for justice. Being a superhero is every boy’s dream but when you have to balance battling evil by night and attending school by day there’s not enough time left for homework, or chores. Will he graduate high school, will he be able to save the world, will his arch nemises finally defeat him, does the amulet hold untapped powers, can he find a girlfriend, can they really all stay friends? Travel on Amazing Extraordinary adventures with the Amazing Extraordinary Friends!

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Episode Guide

Rose appeared in: 1 episode.
EpisodeDescriptionDirected/Written byOriginal Air date
S02E06West Wing Story

Ben finds himself in the lead role of the City Central College school play after an attempt to keep his eye on Vicki and Media Studies teacher Mr. Charmers goes wrong. Ice and Renfield harness the mind control powers of one of the mail room employees and Ice tracks Captain X to the school play. But the show must go on, so can Ben defeat Ice and put the performance of a lifetime?
Andrew Merrifield/Jon Bridges & Stephen CampbellEpisode aired 2007