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Power Rangers R.P.M.

Rose McIver as Summer Landsdown/Yellow Bear RPM Ranger

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy
Release Date: 2009 (USA)
Country USA
Language: English
Runtime: 22 min
Filming Locations: Auckland, New Zealand
Directed by: Mike Smith, Charlie Haskell, Jonathan Brough, Vanessa Alexander, Peter Salmon
Casting: Eka Darville, Ari Boyland, Rose McIver, Milo Cawthorne, Dan Ewing, Olivia Tennet, James Gaylyn, Adelaide Kane


In the near future, the mysterious and sinister Venjix Computer Network is attempting to conquer and lay ruin to the entire planet. Mankind has retreated into environmentally-shielded domed cities to protect against the pollution and machines unleashed by Venjix. In the shining city of Corinth, an elite force of Rangers must learn to drive and operate an arsenal of radically advanced biotech vehicles in order to battle the attacking machine army bent on world domination



Episode Guide

Rose appeared in: 32 episodes.
EpisodeDescriptionDirected/Written byOriginal Air dateRatings
S01E01The Road to Corinth

The Venjix Computer Network is attempting to conquer and lay ruin to the entire planet, and the human race has retreated into the environmentally shielded domed city of Corinth to protect itself from destruction. There, an elite force of Rangers is assembled in order to protect the city and battle the attacking machine army bent on world domination.
7 Mar. 2009
S01E02Fade to Black

As Venjix grows stronger, it becomes clear that the Rangers need more than three operators to defend the city. Summer suggests that Dillon be the new Black Ranger, but with him part-machine and part-human, no one knows what side he's really on.
7 Mar. 2009

Dillon goes through a series of tests to see if he even is Ranger material, but the real test comes when he is faced with the choice of seeking out his past or helping the Rangers as promised.
14 Mar. 2009
S01E04Go for the Green

When Ziggy is charged with finding the new Green Ranger, he finds the perfect candidate in Tenaya 7, until he realizes she's a machine working for Venjix!
21 Mar. 2009

When Dillon struggles to activate the invincibility mode of his suit, he challenges Dr. K to come out from behind her protective screen.
28 Mar. 2009
S01E06Ranger Green

Ziggy's recruitment as Ranger Green is put into question when parts of his shady past are revealed. Should the Rangers work with someone who is hated by all seven of Corinth's cartels?
4 Apr. 2009
S01E07Ranger Red

Scott is flooded with memories of his brother when he returns to Marcus' crash site in order to retrieve an over thruster core the Rangers need for the new Megazord configuration.
11 Apr. 2009
S01E08Ranger Yellow

Mr. & Mrs. Landsdown suddenly reappear in Summer's life, intent on making their daughter live up to her promise to marry into a wealthy family. Once married, Summer will receive the black diamond, the family heirloom that Venjix plans on using to bring destruction to Corinth.
18 Apr. 2009
S01E09Ranger Yellow: Part 2

Diamonds and pretty dresses are no longer important to Summer, who finds her true meaning in what she does with the Rangers.
25 Apr. 2009
S01E10Ranger Blue

All his life, all Flynn ever wanted to do was to help people, but his heroics as the Blue Ranger are cut short when there is a malfunction in his suit.
2 May 2009
S01E11Doctor K

While attempting to overcome a power problem with the Rangers' new Zord configuration, Doctor K is haunted by a terrible mistake.
9 May 2009

When Venjix sends an attack bot from Dillon's past to infiltrate the city, Dillon is torn between destroying the bot, or finally finding the answers to his past.
16 May 2009
S01E13Brother's Keeper

As the Venjix Virus comes closer to taking over Dillon entirely, the other Rangers and Dr. K race to find a way to slow the growth rate of the virus.
23 May 2009

Seeking answers to Dillon's past, the Rangers go outside Corinth to a place Dillon thinks he remembers, unaware that it's a trap set by Venjix himself.
13 Jun. 2009

The Rangers once again find themselves saved by the Gold and Silver Rangers.
20 Jun. 2009
S01E16In or Out

As the Rangers take a more offensive approach against Venjix, the virus traps the citizens of Corinth inside their own dome and proceeds to suck all the air out of the city.
4 Jul. 2009

Dillon discovers that his sister might be a prison in the same factory where Gem & Gemma were once held prisoner by Venjix.
11 Jul. 2009
S01E18Belly of the Beast

The Rangers learn they must return to the factory and destroy the Venjix Doomsday Box that is being built.
1 Aug. 2009
S01E19Three's a Crowd

When Gem & Gemma's spontaneous antics nearly get them caught in a trap, they realize that they must work together as a team with the other Rangers.
8 Aug. 2009
S01E20Heroes Among Us

In an effort to impress his father, Scott makes a reckless trip out to the wasteland.
15 Aug. 2009
S01E21Not So Simple

With their resources dangerously low, Dr. K has to trust the untested technology of the WheelZord to try and destroy the latest attack bot.
22 Aug. 2009
S01E22The Dome Dolls

When an Attack Bot puts all of Corinth's men to sleep, it is up to the girls to suit up and defend Corinth.
5 Sep. 2009
S01E23And... Action

For the first time ever join Ziggy as he takes you behind the scenes of the Power Rangers.
12 Sep. 2009
S01E24Ancient History

Truman discovers that Dr. K was responsible for creating the Venjix Virus.
19 Sep. 2009
S01E25Key to the Past

When Dillon discovers that the two keys to his watch fit together to play another song, he uses it to try and reach Tenaya 7.
26 Sep. 2009
S01E26Beyond a Doubt

Dillon is betrayed when he and Tenaya 7 break into the Venjix Palace to retrieve codes that are needed to stop an attack bot.
26 Sep. 2009

Dillon's search for Tenaya is put on hold when Scott is in trouble. Scott was shot with a key that allows Shifter to control him. The Rangers do their best to save their leader when they come face to face with Tenaya 15. She has been reprogrammed with one mission: Serve Venjix. Dr. K makes a gun whose shots can make Tenaya susceptible to mind control.
3 Oct. 2009
S01E28Run Ziggy Run

It's time for Ziggy to pay back $5 million he owes Fresno Bob. Tenaya 15 makes a deal with Fresno Bob to give him Ziggy in exchange for a certain case. Instead, she double-crosses Fresno Bob and Ziggy ends up saving him. The Rangers deploy Dr. K's Rail Saber weapon against the latest attack bot. Fresno Bob and Ziggy are now even.
3 Oct. 2009
S01E29If Venjix Won

Ziggy accidentally teleports him and Dr. K into a cave! The Rangers need to find out the password to Dr. K's system in order to get them out of the cave. Their failed attempts trigger a time capsule video that Dr. K compiled should they fail to destroy Venjix. The Rangers watch in horror as they figure out what the password might be before its too late.
19 Dec. 2009
S01E30End Game

Venjix's end game is about to reveal itself. Every attack bot has been a calculating step closer to his plan. The city is filled with hybrids just like Dillon. Venjix is going to activate them all and Corinth will be brought down.
19 Dec. 2009
S01E31Danger and Destiny: Part 1

The magnetic blast goes off and all electricity goes out in Corinth. Venjix activates the hybrids and the city is his. The Rangers battle an attack bot but they keep losing rangers. Venjix deletes Gem & Gemma. Dillon struggles with being activated as a hybrid. And Ziggy runs to save Dr. K. This may be the end of Corinth.
26 Dec. 2009
S01E32Danger and Destiny: Part 2

In order to defeat Venjix, another virus will have to be inserted into his system. The Rangers have Tenaya walk back into enemy lines to insert the virus. Meanwhile the Rangers have to hold up against Venjix in a fight. Dr. K is able to reverse Venjix's deletion of the Gold & Silver Rangers. Reunited, they attack Venjix in his weakened state. Venjix is defeated and the war is over.
26 Dec. 2009