iZombie – Behind The Brains – Season 3 (2016-2017)

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Filming of ‘iZOMBiE‘ season 3 will begin on July 25th, 2016 and this until January 10th, 2017.

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25/07 – (Rahul) Day 1 of complete, back to the batcave for a some toilet time and homework. Feels like we never left…
26/07 – (Rose) My athlete’s foot is kickin’ off again love”, Rahul. Behind the scenes gossip on
– (Rose) “You couldn’t last a day in my blades, dude” Buckley to Rahul. #iZombie #bts #iZombieGoss
28/07 – (Rose) Rahul on theatre, “unless I’m in it, I can’t be bothered with it to be honest, love”. #behindthebrains #iZombie
02/08 (Rose) – “If hating you burned calories, I’d be at my goal weight, Rose”. Uttered by Robert Buckley. #iZombie #behindthebrains
03/08 (Rose) – “Was I circumcised at birth? No, I was 26, it was a dare”. Robert Buckley 04/08 (Rose) – Dan, on whether we should share a room, “To be honest Rose, I’m a bit concerned about my sheer animal magnetism.”
04/08 (Rose) – Tonight I learned, painfully, that I’m allergic to merino wool.
06/08 (Rose) – “Your wig is made of human hair?” “Yes of course” “Oh, my hair plugs are a combo of feline, canine and equine”. Buckley.
08/08 (Rose) – “Don’t ambush a great meal with raisins.” Malcolm.
08/08 (Rose) – “The toe tappin’ dick tappers” Buckley’s idea for our new band name.
12/08 (Rose) – “You pull it off better than my grandmother” is my favorite wig related comment to date. #iZombie
18/08 (Rose) – “Me: Rahul, the crew don’t want to hear about your pubes. Rahul: But it makes them feel like family.
30/08 (Rose) – “Sour keys are the keys to my heart.
12/09 (Rose) – “During the pilot of iZombie, Buckley called dibs on my womb. Today, he says he’s claiming squatters rights.
05/10 (Rose) – “Beautiful night spent shooting in a filthy alley. Rats running up legs and all. And a scary old ghost woman in window.
19/10 (Rahul) – Our crew were absolutely fantastic today on set so I showed them my nipples. True story.
21/10 (Rahul) – Ate raw onions before a scene with …Chemistry. Killer.
21/10 (Rose) – “Jokes on you, if you pay for it, it doesn’t matter if you have kebab breath” – Rahul
27/10 (Rose) – “They don’t give me shirtless scenes cause side boob is illegal in our time slot” -Rahul Kohli.
02/11 (Rose) – “I invented the perfect gum today. One spearmint tab and one bubblegum tab together.
03/11 (Rose) – “Aly pronounces ‘Chandler’ from Friends, ‘SHandler’.
03/11 (Rose) – “Today has probably been my favorite day ever shooting iZombie. “

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22/07 – Going into season 3, there’s some fun brains coming, but bigger plot developments too.
22/07 – Rob Thomas says that they already know what the Season 3 finale looks like.
22/07 – Rose McIver is happy to know that whoever Liv is with romantically next that he won’t die.
22/07 – Rob Thomas promises a Law and Order-like episode. Clive and Liv will catch the criminal; Peyton will prosecute them.
22/07 – Vivian will be sort of a zombie mentor to Liv in Season 3.
22/07 – Liv will be eating the brain of a dominatrix in Season 3.
22/07 – Everyone will be “on the same page” in Season 3. Liv calls them the “No Secret Club.”
22/07 – There will be a new wig this season for Liv.
22/07 – In episode two Liv and Major will eat the brains of a father and daughter. Liv is the father and Major is the angsty teenage daughter.
22/07  – A lot of the season will revolve around Fillmore Graves and Vivian.
22/07 – In season 3, Major is on the hunt for Natalie. He wants to find her and fulfill the promise he made her.


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