iZombie (TV Show) – About Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore – The Brains

About Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore The Brains

Season 1:

Romanian language, Kleptomania (Tatiana Korzha)
Peristerophobia (Fear of pigeons) (Unknown)
Artistry, Appreciation of Jazz, Passion (Javier Abano)
Antisocial Personality Disorder, Trivia Master (Marvin Webster)
Paranoia, Kung Fu (Sammy Wong)
Thrill seeking (Holly White)
Donut craving, Muscle Memory, Warlock Forest Skills, Sloppiness, Hacking, Agoraphobia (Simon Cutler)
Maternal Instincts (Emily Sparrow)
Relationship & sex expert (Sasha Arconi)
PTSD, Desire for battle, Tactics & strategy, Marksmanship, Stealth Mode (Everett Adams)
Alcoholism (Rebecca Hinton)
Hallucinations (Scott-E)
Shallow & naive (Kimber Cooper), Stoner mentality (Nate), Sarcasm & bitter (Teresa)

Season 2:

Bitterness, racism (Wendell)
Fraternity humor & thinking (Chad Wolcoff)
Fashion “expert”, rich people’s/housewife behavior (Taylor Fowler)
Singing & playing the guitar (Lacey Cantrell)
Basketball knowledge (Coach Hayden)
Gambling Addiction/Problem (Harry Cole)
Magic tricks (Syd Wicked)
Obsessive Stalking (Regina Sumner)
Wanna-be Superhero (The Fog)
Big hearted (Santa)
Acting (Jordan Burdick)
Horny & into Erotica (Grace LeGare)
Addicted to social media (Madison Brennick)
Pathological Liar (Big Fish)
Caffeinated “Hippy” (Leslie Morgan)
Scientific Knowledge (Dr. Eleanor Cash)
Stripper/Poledancer behavior (Cassidy Kozlowski)
Ambitious, hyper-competitive, organized and driven (Bailey Barker)
Playing the drums (Unknown)
Handling guns (Janko)

Season 3:

Zen Guru (Topher)
Gossip Girl (Cheryl Warner)