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Ghosts: A Broadway Musical

During Paramount Upfront on May 18, 2022, ‘Ghosts‘ team (Rose McIver, Rebecca Wisocky, Sheila Carrasco, Devan Long, Asher Grodman, Richie Moriarty and Román Zaragoza) surprised everyone and took the stage to sing a creatively fresh and funny song through the voice of Isaac Higgintoot (Brandon Scott Jones). Springboarding off the Season 1 Episode 10 ‘Possession‘ the musical performance finds Sam possessed by Isaac as he has a new dream: to turn his life into a hit Broadway musical like ‘Hamilton‘.

There’s one for ‘Cats‘, so why not ‘Ghosts‘,” sang the group.




5 6 7 8
I grew up in New York
Greatest colony there ever was
But here’s what’s crazy
No one even knows it
‘Cause my name’s forgotten.
I know I must be
Destined 4 more.
Like stupid Hamilton
My life story
As a book
I want it all.
A biopic
That’s starring,
Jake Gyllenhaal.
My name
As a big time hero of
I want a
Broadway musical
That’s all about me.
One that premieres
To frenzied acclaim.
I want a real life show
real life people go see.
So everyone remembers my name.
It’s Captain Isaac

Well, my name’s
And I’ve got something
to say too.
I’m a real hum-dinger
Jazz singer.
I can belt a solid
B and someone
Killed me.
But who?
You’ll have to wait
And see.
My life is rife
With drama that is fit to
Be sung.
Give me a Broadway Musical
My talent’s first-class.
Give me
That spotlight and you will see.
Skibitty bobbop
Doo what!
The crowds will clap
When flappers flap around
Me en masse.
Time for a show
That’s all about me.

Ha ha HAA
I think you’ll find
That the American
Public prefer an
Musical to a fluffy
Piece of…
1920’s nonsense.
After all
I was instrumental
In the forming of
This nation and..
Indigenous governments
Were the model for
American Federalism.
Where’s the musical
About that?

What about musical for

A chorus of
Burly Viking men
Does have its appeal.

A scouting musical
Makes sense
We’re always singing!

A gilded musical
With servant’s bells

A Hippie musical
Where we’re all in a

A musical where no
One’s wearing pants!
Boo yah!
How fun!

Give Ghosts a
Broadway musical
It’s not much to ask.
There’s one for cats,
So why not for ghosts?
It’s literally just about cats?

We don’t count phantom either
He’s a guy in a mask!
We want our opening
night champagne toasts!

Ooh Toast!

You better get your
Tickets fast
To see our dear
Departed cast!
We’ve got a big old
Haunted house full
Ha ha
It’s a fun bunch!
Give ghosts our
Broadway big time

Huge thanks to team member Rebecca for writing the lyrics down.

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