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Genre: Voice Work
Release Date: September 2020
Country USA
Language: English
Runtime: 1 minute

About this project

In September 2020, writer and musician Toby Burke Hemingway, shared his new collaboration ‘Candle‘ beautifully voiced by Rose and pictured by Sarah Walker.

“Candle – Rose McIver brings her immense talent to this new collaboration, based on a fantastically eerie Sarah Walker photograph. The moment I saw Sarah’s work – introduced to me by the amazing ‘Perimeter Books’ – I knew there were stories in there. I couldn’t go past this particular piece and was excited to have Rose bring it to life. Thanks to both of them for sharing in this with me. Check out their other work, please. Perimeter publish Sarah and Rose’s latest show ‘Woke‘ just launched.” – Toby Burke Hemingway​

Listen to it