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Blood Punch

Genre: Horror, Thriller
Release Date: 21 February 2014 (Boomtown Film & Music Festival)
Country USA
Language: English
Runtime: 104 min
Filming Locations: California (USA)
Directed by: Madellaine Paxson
Produced by: Eddie Guzelian, Rose McIver, Madellaine Paxson, Ethan Pines, Fleur Saville, Fred Schaefer
Written by: Eddie Guzelian
Casting: Milo Cawthorne, Olivia Tennet, David Whaley, Bloss Flores, Fleur Saville, Mike Ginn, Thomas Hart, Amanda Reed, Ari Boyland, Adelaide Kane


A young man breaks out of rehab to follow a mysterious bad girl into an easy drug score. But when she lures him to an isolated cabin with her psychotic boyfriend, their simple love triangle quickly descends into a mind-blowing supernatural cycle of carnage and mayhem with no end…and no escape.