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Antisocial Distance

Rose McIver as Mary

Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release Date: April 8, 2021 (USA)
Country USA
Language: English
Created by: Avital Ash
Casting: Rose McIver, Steven Weber, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Gabriel Sunday, Christina Kartchner, Giselle Gilbert, Amir Blumenfeld, Avital Ash, Joe Cobden, Lindsey Rose Naves, Jessie Kahnweiler, C.J. Franco, Geoffrey James, Asha Michelle Wilson, Ellington Wells


Mirroring Passover of 2020 (can we call it a period piece?), this voyeuristic dramedy series takes place over eight consecutive days and follows Josephine as she tries desperately to avoid her life, religion, and sexuality while in lockdown at the onset of Covid-19.

With a hunt for a dog to adopt, a secret dating profile, family issues, and a spiritual crisis, this quarantine is a lot more than Josephine bargained for — and it’s only April.

Production Timeline

  • On March 20-21, 2021, Rose joined Avital Ash through Zoom to film this series.
  • Series premiere on April 8, 2021. New episodes every day through April 15.