May 27/28, 2017 – Fairy Tales

May 27/28, 2017, Rose McIver attended ‘Fairy Tales 5’ in Paris (France) for Photo-Sessions, Autographs, Meet and Greet and Panels. She was there alongside Rachel Shelley, Sam Witwer, Elliot Knight, Jamie Chung, Colin O’Donoghue.

The first day is rich in information compared to the second day because I had the opportunity to attend only the first day.

Xivents presents Fairy Tales V, which will be held on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th May 2017 in Paris, France.

Come and participate in this 5th edition, exclusively dedicated to the Once Upon A Time series, in the presence of your favorite actors! During these two exceptional days, the program includes signing sessions, photoshoots, question and answer sessions, analytical conferences, contests, evening events, VIP dinner with the guests…

Fairy Tales – Day 1 – Meet and Greet

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First appointment, Rose McIver went at her ‘Meet and Greet’ to meet a lucky little group of fans in a quiet universe. At first, Rose tried to make everyone comfortable, not stressed. She asked her fans where they came from, if they were all talking French of other languages. To continue, she did a round table and everyone was able to ask the question he wanted.

  • Rose finished filming ‘Brampton’s Own’ 2 weeks ago.
  • Rose told us the Netflix movie is a family movie. Its also a Christmas movie. It was very cold to film as there was snow.
  • Rose is actually learning FRENCH, and she actually understand it well! She wants to practice a lot this weekend.
  • Rose told us than the brains taste is very bad. One time, she eated the pizza all around the piece of brains and they tell her, ‘eat the part with the brain’. ahah
  • Rose said that Jennifer Morrison is an awesome director. When, they filmed ‘Demon Days’, it was the first time Jennifer directed something.
  • Rose was sad that Jennifer Morrison’s play opened stage 1 week after she was leaving the US.

Fairy Tales – Day 1 – Panel

ft5day1-panel_2816129.jpg ft5day1-panel_2816829.jpg ft5day1-panel_2816929.jpg ft5day1-panel_2817729.jpg ft5day1-panel_2816029.jpg

  • Rose asked a question in french to Colin O’Donoghue. Who had the best irish accent? Colin said ‘Rose McIver has the worst irish accent’.
  • Rose is curious about Hook and Tink. She wants to know what happened between them.
  • Rose finds it difficult to ‘fake laugh’.
  • ‘What are the happy endings your characters deserve?” Rose: taking care of herself more.

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Fairy Tales – Day 1 – Photo-Sessions

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Then it was the turn of the photoshoots. Rose was incredibly nice and accepted with pleasure the various poses that the fans could ask her. Between hugs, funny poses, many people asked her to pose like ‘Zombies’ or pretended she was eating a brain.

Fairy Tales – Day 1 – Signing

Rose then headed for the autographs at the end of the day. She was really adorable and really took the time to listen to her fans. She gave them the chance to talk to her (and for the most part in French!) for several minutes.

Fairy Tales – Day 1 – Midnight Ball

For the last part of the day, Rose went to the ‘Midnight Ball‘ party. She went from tables to tables (in the company of the other actors) to discuss with her fans and answer their questions.

Fairy Tales – Day 2 – Meet and Greet

For the second day, Rose participated again in a ‘Meet and Greet’ with a small committee of fans.

Fairy Tales – Day 2 – Panel

ft5day2-panel_28429.jpg ft5day2-panel_28829.jpg ft5day2-panel_28529.jpg ft5day2-panel_281529.jpg ft5day2-panel_28729.jpg

  • Rose thinks Rahul Kohli is wonderful at conventions and would love to do a ‘iZombie‘ convention with him and the others!
  • Rose said she will come if there is any ‘iZombie‘ convention in France, and David Anders & Rahul Kohli would agree too.
  • Rose wants the finale of ‘iZombie‘ to be that Liv will find love but also for Livto bring peace between zombies and humans.
  • Rose has a spit bucket for the brains on ‘iZombie‘ because she hates eating them.
  • Rose would not like to play Tinkerbell like the original story because she doesn’t want it to be too perfect, everything has flaws.
  • Rose: Tink would’ve rapped during the musical episode of ‘Once Upon a Time‘.
  • Rose said Tink wasn’t at the captain swan wedding bc she was moonlighting as Liv Moore on ‘iZombie‘ but she would loved to.
  • Rose would like to be in ‘Master Chef‘.
  • Rose explained why she calls Jennifer Morrison ‘Mozza’ it’s nickname they use in new Zealand. One of her friend’s name is ‘Horowitz’ so it will be ‘Hozza’.

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Fairy Tales – Day 2 – Photo-Sessions

Fairy Tales – Day 2 – Signing

Fairy Tales – Day 2 – Closing Ceremony

Last moment of this fabulous convention, the closing ceremony. Rose has enormously appreciated this convention, the meeting with her fans and her trip to France.