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InterviewRose McIver Talks Tinker Bell, Fairy Tales and iZombie

Rose McIver Talks Tinker Bell, Fairy Tales and iZombie

Rose was recently interviewed by Sean McKenna for TV fanatic. She talks about ‘Once Upon A Time‘, and her new pilot ‘iZombie’.

How have you enjoyed playing Tinker Bell?

It’s been so much fun. Sometimes I pinch myself. I’m very lucky doing what I get to do for a living. I get to play this childhood icon that I’ve read about and loved and work with a great cast and crew. It’s beautiful.

What is your favorite part about playing the character?

I would say being able to get away with being a little cheeky and forthcoming and saying things that maybe as Rose I would censor. Tinker Bell definitely speaks her heart.

Is there anything that’s surprised you working on Once Upon a Time?

That considering people work very, very hard for very long hours and are doing a lot in their own different departments. That everything is so cohesive and everyone is incredibly respectful towards each other. It’s really great.

Is there anything you want to see Tinker Bell get involved with or do that she hasn’t done yet?

I would love to see more of Tinkerbell’s backstory. That’s what I love about the show is that you can hop around and do different things. I still have questions about Tinkerbell, and that would be really nice to get a chance to explore.

If there’s one other fairy tale character you’d play besides Tinkerbell, who would it be?

It’d be fun to play maybe an animal in a person form, if that makes any sense. You know like Nala from The Lion King. It’d be great to do something like that. It would be a good challenge.

Do you have a favorite fairy tale?

I mean, I really love Aladdin. Growing up, that was always one of my favorites. I really enjoyed that, but I was definitely a big Peter Pan fan as well.

What can you tease about Once Upon A Time Season 3 Episode 16?

Well, we cover a lot of ground. There’s certainly a big showdown that happens. You’ll see some of the more somber scenes. It’s definitely a loaded episode and a great one for Tinkerbell.

Any way you can talk about your involvement with the iZombie pilot?

At the moment because it is at the pilot stage, I’m not really able to talk about it a lot. I have to be careful with what I do and don’t say, but it’s going very, very well. I’m excited to be involved and a huge fan of Rob Thomas [iZombie producer, writer and director]. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to tell you more in the not too distant future.

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