Hi everyone! After two months on being a source on twitter about the multi-talented Rose McIver, i’m happy and proud to announce the grand opening of the first international source about Rose!

A lot of things are already up on the website/gallery, so be sure to take an eye everywhere!

Be sure to add “Rose McIver Source” to your favorite if you want to follow 24/7 all the latest informations, photos and video about Rose but also to let you know the beautiful actress, singer and woman that maybe you doesn’t know or just a little.

To come soon:

– HD pictures of every appareances of Rose
– HD pictures of Masters of Sex (and more TV and movies projects)
– Full biography and details about Rose professional life
– And more !

Special thanks to Flaunt for hosting me, and big thanks to Vogue Designs for her hard work precious help.

Welcome and enjoy your stay!!



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