Two days ago, we had the chance to see an exclusive excerpt from BROODS ‘Heartlines’ video clip. Today, i’m happy to tell you that the clip is finally available! HQ screencaps of the video are available in our gallery!

Fun facts about the clip:

On June 26th, 2016, Rose McIver and her longtime friend Oliver, went on the set of the New Zealand duo BROODS Heartlines‘ music video. They spent a day in the California desert (in Palmdale) to shoot the video for ‘Heartlines’.

BROODS used the Microsoft Band to create music-video magic

Heartlines‘ was co-written by Lorde.

Nils Erik (from SMILE XVII Studios) was on the set to make some promotionnal images for the clip. Note that Nils is a close friend of Shantel VanSanten (who is one of the best friends of Robert Buckley (iZombie)).

They used the same place as Beyonce and Lady Gaga for the ‘Telephone‘ video clip.



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