As you may know, on July 25th, Rose McIver will come back to ‘iZombie‘ set. Indeed, from Monday 25th, and until January 2017, the filming of the ‘iZombie‘ show will start again.

After her return to USA from New Zealand for over a month, Rose took advantage of her free time with her friends in California (she also participated in the filming of a new clip for ‘Broods‘ music band, we hope to have more information about it quickly).

This week, she was with her friends from New Zealand. They visited the park ‘Six Flags Magic Mountain‘ located in Los Angeles, California. Rose told us via twitter that she is not a big fan of roller-coaster.

They also visited the ‘Madonna Inn’ (= a landmark resort hotel on California’s Central Coast for over fifty years. Imaginitive interior design and architecture make this inn a unique destination).

All informations can be found in this post, and all images in our gallery.

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