Saturday 18, Rose McIver was at the ‘This Show Is Not Funny‘ play, an improv show hosted by Casey Feigh, Luka Jones, and Mary Holland. They, and a rotating cast of special guest actors, perform a fully improvised show.

Luka told us that Rose McIver will be performing some improvised scenes as a guest star alongside Melanie Lynskey (Togetherness, Up in the Air) and Sarah Burns (Married, How to Get Away with Murder).

This Show Is Not Funny: Luka Jones, Casey Feigh, and Mary Holland are improvisers. But they’re also real fucking serious actors. So they’re bringing an acting-focused improv show to UCB where they, along with their special guests, get to act.

This Show Is Not Funny features real/grounded/emotionally-present committed improvised scene work, which may sometimes result in comedy, but being funny is not the real goal. What would you really say if your wife was leaving you for your son’s friend? How would you actually hit on a stranger in a laundromat? How do you tell your preteen daughter about the changes in her body as a single father? Come watch people act. Who knows, you may just laugh your ass off but that’s not the point!

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