Rose McIver at TCA 2021 for ‘Ghosts’


Yesterday, (September 9, 2021), Rose attended the ‘TCA 2021’. She joined the ‘Ghosts’ Panel alongside some of the show’s cast/crew.

Starry Mag also made an amazing transcript of this panel that you can find here.

Normally, this highly anticipated and exclusive TCA events are big face-to-face events with red carpet, photoshoots and panels with actors/crew to promote the upcoming shows. Unfortunately, due to the current situation, this event has taken place virtually.


  • “We’re so lucky to have it Utkarsh playing a role where, especially initially, he has to do a lot of not-observing the things that are around him,” Rose said. “And that guy manages to find so much fill each moment.”
  • “So much of what we’re doing is really relying on Rose and Utkarsh’s ability to have all of this stuff happening, and still be able to kind of see the story through all that,” Asher Grodman said. “So we can go and jump off walls and do whatever we want, but we’re really leaning on them to carry us, and they do an incredible job of that.”
  • “The patchwork of these of this cast honestly is extraordinary,” Rose said. “To look around at the cast that we have assembled for this show, I feel so grateful. And [creators Joe Port and Joe Wiseman] have just done such a great job of bringing together people who have a natural chemistry that you feel when you watch the show.”
  • Rose jokes that she’s wondered if she’ll ever have a regular human show again, after “iZombie” and her new comedy “Ghosts”.
  • Rose hasn’t witnessed or experienced anything herself, but she’s open to things. She doesn’t know if she believes in ghosts.
  • Rose is a fan of the British show but didn’t watch too much of it.
  • Rose loves the escapism and the humor that come with this show. She said the genre stuff has always been fun but it’s peaking now. Utkarsh says this show is Rose‘s chance to shine as a comedic lead.
  • Rose said she feels lucky this world would take her back again.
  • Rose talked about costume being dangerous with the arrow in the way when he turns LOL.
  • Rose said she grew up with an appreciation of being able to go into another world with genre – it’s the best part of the job being able to dress up & become something that isn’t you, the escapism & the humor.
  • Utkarsh said Rose has come a long way since starring as a Power Rangers.
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