Saturday 25, Rose McIver will be hosting a Q&A for the kiwi movie ‘Hunt For The Wilderpeople‘ at the Arclight Cinema (Los Angeles) at 3pm.

The new film from the director of BOY, EAGLE VS SHARK and WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, Taika Waititi unleashes HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE after rave reviews at Sundance 2016:

Based on ‘Wild Pork and Watercress,’ Barry Crump’s book about a juvenile delinquent left in the care of rough yet loving foster parents who live off the wilds of the New Zealand bush. The hunt is on and they are wanted alive.




  1. RT @rosemciversrc: News; Tomorrow, Rose McIver will be hosting a Q&A for ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople’ in LA. [] https…


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