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Rose McIver at ‘FAN EXPO Vancouver’

Today (November 12th), Rose McIver is attending ‘FAN EXPO Vancouver’ alongside her ‘iZombie‘ co-stars Rahul Kohli, Aly Michalka, Robert Buckley and Malcolm Goodwin. This event takes place in Vancouver (Canada).

FAN EXPO VANCOUVER is a three day pop culture event in Vancouver, BC, running in the Fall. The event is brought to you by the same team that produces the long-running FAN EXPO CANADA event in Toronto.

: November 12 – Fan Expo Vancouver (Signing)
: November 12 – Fan Expo Vancouver (Panel)
November 12 – Fan Expo Vancouver (Photoshoots)

01. Photos

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02. Infos

  • Rose not really that interested in exploring Liv pre-Zombie. Once became Zombie was more interesting to play. Old Liv was safe and unsurprising
  • cast says show resonates with people because it is self-aware and tongue and cheek.
  • Dream guest stars? Rose McIver: Ricky Gervais. Rahul: Rhianna. Malcolm: Rob Thomas and Robert: Bill Murray.
  • Rahul would eat stripper brain. Rose and Aly would eat magician brain. Malcolm positivity brain and Rob would eat D&D brain.
  • Rose said they laughed so much in the D&D scene that it took them 12 hours to film.
  • Rose said the writing is pop culture driven and it connects so well.
  • Rose said she loved playing Tinkerbell….fans of are amazing.
  • Liv is on white rapper brain and Rose is learning how to rap rapidly right now. Rose McIver spoiling a bit of season 4 of .
  • Robert said it wasn’t hard to channel a 16-year old girl as that is how he talks in real-life and wanted to tone it down but the producers wanted him to amped it up.

03. Videos

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04. Fan Meet

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