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AppearanceiZombie - Rose McIver at WonderCon 2016

iZombie – Rose McIver at WonderCon 2016 [Live Stream/Master Post]

Rose McIver getting ready for ‘WonderCon’


This week-end, Rose McIver will attend the 2016’s WonderCon who will be held March 25, 26, and 27 (Easter weekend), at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

We know that Rose will be there on Friday, please keep this page in your favorites to be informed in real time! All photos/informations will be posted on this article. :)

iZombie Special Video Presentation and Q&A will start at  4:30pm to finish around 5:30p.

—————— LIVE STREAM BELOW ——————


  • 12pm PDT / 8pm CET: Rose is getting ready for the WonderCon. She’s currently doing her makeup/look.
  • 1:10pm / 9:10pm: First photo of Rose’s look shared by herself on the CW’s iZombie Instagram. (photo here)
  • 1:50pm / 9:50pm: Actors have arrived to the Los Angeles Convention Center. (photo here)
  • 2:20pm / 10:20pm: Actors are on the red carpet! And being interviewed now! We have the first photos of Rose.
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  • 3pm / 11pm: Actors are in the Wondercon ‘Press Room’ being interviewed by various press site.
    DSC02745-768x512.jpg 12519100_590113747830366_1934412081_n.jpg Cec27NvUUAEYGTA.jpg tmp_4704-IMG_20160325_2310131938458657.jpg tmp_4704-IMG_20160325_231020-1902014874.jpg
  • 4:30pm / 12:30am:iZombie‘ Panel is starting now!
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    – Favorite brain to be on for : probably the stripper next week.
    – The next includes Liv (thanks to eating stripper brain) giving Peyton a lap dance, reveals Aly Michalka.
    : “I’ve wanted a musical episode since day one.”
    – “Once you go Romero, there’s no going back.”
    – The boat party utopium will come back into play towards the end of this season.
    – The brains are made of Japanese gelatin. “It tastes awful.” – Rose McIver
    – “I think hot sauce exists to mask bad food.” ‘s at .
    – “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”- , who always has the best sayings. (“Bum in the butter!”)
    – Rose McIver: “I’ve been in Vancouver so long and gotten so pale it takes longer to make me look like a healthy person.”
    – Finale will also set up third season. Look for those Easter eggs.
    – Season finale will be on April 12th; double episode.
    – The producers knew they were going to go bigger this season.
    – Rose McIver was worried when she got the call.
    says he 1st felt Season 1 finale was as big as they would ever go, but S2 finale “dwarfs last year’s finale”.
    – “If you see a zombie on with flesh falling off, there’s no going back.”
    – “I missed it, but it sounded really important. I heard ‘itch.” – , after joked about zombie STDs.
    – The whole room is singing Aly ‘happy birthday’…. AND there is cake (not for everyone though)

  • 11pm / 7:30am: Videos interviews have been shared. You can click the image below to access the videos, and screencaps are available on the ‘Gallery Links’ part below.
    002 001
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