Rose appearing at the ‘15th Annual Paleyfest Fall TV Previews‘


Rose and ‘Ghosts‘ cast and crew appeared virtually at the ‘15th Annual Paleyfest Fall TV Previews‘ for an exclusive panel and behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series. The event has been recorded on August 25, 2021 and has been made available to the public today (September 20, 2021).

Topics include: what compelled producers to create an American version of the popular BBC version of “Ghosts”; the process of choosing which American history eras should be represented by the titular ghosts; the difficulty of perfecting an ensemble cast’s timing and chemistry; how the pandemic helped form a bond among cast members and turned them into “a seasoned troupe”; the writers’ goal to avoid making archetypical characters into clichés; the actors’ reaction to the lack of costume changes; how the show will evolve via flashbacks; and why the overarching themes of life and death produce more nuance and heart than is found in a typical sitcom.

Source | CBS’ Ghosts

Rose McIver, “Samantha”; Utkarsh Ambudkar, “Jay”; Sheila Carrasco, “Flower”; Asher Grodman, “Trevor”; Brandon Scott Jones, “Isaac”; Devan Long, “Thorfinn”; Richie Moriarty, “Pete”; Danielle Pinnock, “Alberta”; Rebecca Wisocky, “Hetty”; Román Zaragoza, “Sasappis”; Joe Port, Executive Producer; Joe Wiseman, Executive Producer

Moderator: Patrick Gomez, Entertainment Weekly

Panel Informations

  • What made you feel like this was the right project for you? “I met Joe Port a week before auditioning for the role of ‘Samantha‘ and I was actually due to go to Utkarsh Ambudkar‘s baby shower for his son and that was before he had been cast. It just felt like everything kind of kept screaming out that this was the project that I really had to be a part of. I was so impressed by the script, I was thrilled when I saw the rest of the cast that I got to work with.” – Rose
  • “As soon as Rose was cast, she was like… Do you know this guy, Utkarsh? I think he should be ‘Jay‘.” – Joe Port
  • “I hate saying this but… It was a perk of the pandemic. We were all on this journey togerther, for so long, not knowing if this (the show) was going to happen. The ‘Ghosts’ text messages thread, it’s so long. So, in many ways, we were kind of like leaning on each other during those quarantine periods and we became really close friends. We were all on this boat and had no idea what direction it was going to go in. So, seeing each other was like ‘finally’. We had been yearning for each other for so long that play, just happens.” – Asher Grodman about on how getting the timing right, the chemestry right for all of them.
    “I was actually about to say a massive shout out to you, to the Joes (Joe Port and Joe Wiseman) for giving us so much to work with. I mean, the dynamics are built in many ways into the script like they gave us so much to jump from. A huge shout out Trent O’Donnell, our director, he’s like the ringleader of a circus, bringing ideas, energy. He dials like an engineer and kind of knows when to pull this and when to push that. It’s watching someby really masterfull at work, he helps us a lot too.” – Rose
  • “I’m dressing up as you for Halloween, I’ve already covered that with you but, I’m a big fan.” Rose to Rebecca Wisocky
  • “It’s unlikely roommates kind of story. It’s all these people who would be sandwiched together in no other circumstances.” – Rose
  • Does anyone have a story of a scene that you could not get through? “I just love when Danielle‘s laugh, she cries and when Danielle starts crying, it’s the cutest, funniest thing ever. I can see you shaking your head right now because you’re in the moment when you’re on set you’re like ‘no, not now, it’s coming’. We definitely struggle not to wiggle at corpsing. Do you guys call it ‘corpsing’ anywhere else when you laugh on camera or is it just a kiwi thing? This is why I don’t do improv.” – Rose
  • Rose, your character has a pretty significant shift in her world at the end of the pilot, I would love to hear from you about… Figuring out how to play that and how we continue to see her new vision of the world. “You know, for me it’s actually the easiest because there’s a whole lot of people there and i’m acknowledging them. Kudos to Utkarsh because he’s having to ignore a lot of voices all the time and fill in those spaces. Obviously we hired the right guy to do that like his improv and the textures that he has brought to ‘Jay’ have just been so exciting to watch. It’s definitely a far more challenging job than mine which is just reacting to the people around me.” – Rose
    Rose is being totally too humble, it must be said. She is absolutely magnificient at being the ringleader of the circus and juggling all these different balls, all these different personalities. Watching the way she works and handles us in these scenes and has so many different things to play. To watch her play the very same scene with us no there in the shot, it’s kind of a master class. She’s just a lovely person to boot. Couldn’t ask for a better person to be leading.” – Rebecca

‘Ghosts’ Video Panel

‘Ghosts’ Video Panel – Screen-Captures

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