Photoshoot: New photos by Kenny Jamez


We have been very lucky recently as Rose has made a few amazing photoshoots. We can now add one more to this list! Indeed, Rose has made a new photoshoot with her long time friend Kenny Jamez.

For this photoshoot, Rose has been able to wore one of her personal favorite piece, her ‘Lace Dress’ from Vivetta (for more information about Rose’s favorite clothes, check out RMS’s special page).

Styling was made by William Ylvisaker, hair by Lucy Gedjeyan and makeup by Courtney Hart.

This team has been teasing us via social medias saying that this picture was just a sneak peek of something very special.

Stay tuned at / as I will share more as soon as we have more information!


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My name is Stephanie. Being a (french) fan of Rose McIver, I noticed that no French or English website was created about her to support her projects & promote her wonderful work. In 2013, I decided to create the first site (not in French) but in English to reach a wider audience. In May 2017, I met Rose at the 'Fairy Tales 5' con in Paris. In February 2020, I had another amazing opportunity to meet Rose, virtually this time.


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