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MusicPhotos Update - ‘Secret Garden’ short film/music video

Photos Update – ‘Secret Garden’ short film/music video

It’s been a year now that Rose McIver shot the short film (composed of 4 music video) for ‘Wild Wild Horses‘ band  under the direction of Jennifer Morrison (find all the information here).

For this occasion, Jennifer shared a video via her Instagram account where she shares with us different behind the scenes photos (some exclusive) taken on the set of the short film.

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“This #onthisday popped up in iPhoto today. As I near locking the edit on #sundogs I am reflective about how grateful I am for the community of people who come together to make movies. Thank you to the whole #wildwildhorses cast and crew for making that dream come true. I can’t believe it was a year ago today we were all out in the wilderness. @imrosemciver and @geoffmstults I love you both. PS this may be the best new feature of the new operating system. “

My name is Stephanie. Being a (french) fan of Rose McIver, I noticed that no French or English website was created about her to support her projects & promote her wonderful work. In 2013, I decided to create the first site (not in French) but in English to reach a wider audience. In May 2017, I met Rose at the 'Fairy Tales 5' con in Paris. In February 2020, I had another amazing opportunity to meet Rose, virtually this time.


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