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Once Upon A Time: Rose McIver wants to reprise role as Tinker Bell – Vinereport

Following the announcement that “Once Upon a Time” will revert to its older format, fans were quick to ponder if this means that the show will also incorporate old characters back in the fold. If Rose McIver is to be asked, there is no doubt that she is very willing to put her Tinker Bell wings back on.

However, before loyal followers of the series become too excited, scheduling may still be a problem as McIver has other commitments. The “Power Rangers RPM” alum is also busy with the third season of her own show, “iZombie.” Nevertheless, she reiterates that if some sort of filming setup can be done, she will gladly make an appearance in the next installment of “Once Upon a Time.” She even adds that with both productions filming in Vancouver, the possibility is bigger than ever.

We are all in Vancouver and our showrunner is a good friend of the showrunners on ‘Once Upon a Time.’ So we’re very hopeful that it’ll happen at some stage,” McIver told Couture Caddy.

Aside from dishing out the chances of her making a comeback to the fairy tale drama, McIver also spilled the beans on who among the couples in the show is she rooting for.

I think it would be Hook and Emma,” she gushed. “Hook and Emma I feel like selfishly I really like them both as people so I’m like, ‘You guys work together, I know you guys get along so great. Can’t everybody just make it work?’

Interestingly enough, new details with regards to Jennifer Morrison‘s Emma Swan and Colin O’Donoghue‘s Captain Hook have come to light and McIver may be a little bit thrilled with it. It can be remembered that back in season 5, the two reunited with a wedding dress on the background prompting eagle-eyed viewers to theorize that marriage may be the next step for them.

“I would say you’ll have to watch season 6, you never know what’s going to happen,” executive producer Edward Kitsis told Entertainment Weekly’s Natalie Abrams when asked where the two’s budding relationship will go moving forward. “You never know what’s going to happen with those two.”

No official premiere date has been announced for “Once Upon a Time‘s” small screen return but fans can expect it sometime this fall on ABC.


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