‘Nice Ride’ short film by Rose McIver: My Review


As I announced in a previous post, Rose‘s first short film as director, ‘Nice Ride‘ was available this weekend online (see the dedicated post).

Nice Ride (USA, 2019, 13 minutes)
Director: Rose McIver

In a small coastal town, two teenage cousins fantasize about their future together. When life pans out differently for each of them, the women try to navigate their relationship despite trauma and comparison. Underneath appearances is a complicated love that withstands more than either woman predicted.

Starring: Catherine Parker, Hannah Marshall, Nicole Falk, Lucia Tower

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My review

Wonderfully written and directed by Rose, this short film shows us two cousins ​​who plan their futures, their desires and are confronted with the fact that life does not always unfold as we imagined. The actresses, both adolescent and adult, brilliantly managed to make us feel their emotions.

I also very appreciated the choice of music at the end, which lent itself beautifully to the atmosphere and the feelings of the film.

Also, seeing Rose‘s name as director at the end had a special emotion for me. It’s a new step in her career and I’m so proud! I can’t wait to see what’s next for her. In the very end of the credits, special thanks were made for her family and her role model, Miranda Harcourt. That was a super cute note.

Cast and crew of this short film have made a fantastic job. Huge congratulations to everyone involved!

Some fans reviews

It was beautifully shot and in just the few minutes time it was able to make me feel something real, between these two friends.
@MaxTheroondog from Twitter

I thought it was good! Good acting, good cinematography. And like you, I liked the song at the end.
@Somethingscary6 from Twitter

I really liked the movie and I hope we can see more of Rose as a director I really think she did a great job as well as the rest of the crew.
@beatrizdlapa from Instagram

To finish, I’d like to give a special thank you to Max, who managed to help me to watch it. Also, thanks to the fans who shared their reveiws with me!

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My name is Stephanie. Being a (french) fan of Rose McIver, I noticed that no French or English website was created about her to support her projects & promote her wonderful work. In 2013, I decided to create the first site (not in French) but in English to reach a wider audience. In May 2017, I met Rose at the 'Fairy Tales 5' con in Paris. In February 2020, I had another amazing opportunity to meet Rose, virtually this time.


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