Rose McIver is actually shooting a new short movie called ‘Mattresside‘ with Jennifer Morrison (who played alongside her on ‘Once Upon A Time’). Yesterday they completed the 2nd day of production. It now remains two days of shooting before finishing.

Here’s the full cast and crew, and the synopsis of the short film.

Rose McIver : Sue
Jennifer Morrison : Sue’s sister, Angelica
Gates McFadden : The “Nurse”
Dean Chekvala : The “Hunter”
Judy Kerr : “Mother”

Saba Zerehi is the producer, Chris Merrill the writer and director. (See more about the crew, here)

Synopsis : A darkly comic tale of two sisters growing apart… Sue (Rose McIver) runs a used mattress store owned by her mother. When Sue’s sister (Jennifer Morrison) informs her that’s she moving out of their place, Sue gives her the gift of a new mattress – one with a surprise inside…

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