During her return in New Zealand last month, Rose McIver has been interviewed by NZ Herald for their ‘Sitting Room Only‘ section. Interview is directed by Hannah Marshall and produced by one of Rose‘s best-friend, Fleur Saville. Screencaps have been added in our gallery!

Click the photo to access the video

But while film-makers were quick to embrace her young talent, the 26-year-old Kiwi wasn’t so sold on her early performances.

“I was told by somebody that I was prodigious with accents and I was so good at them. I went back and watched a clip… I’m horrific. I’m terrible,” she says in the latest episode of Sitting Room Only.

The actress, who now lives in LA, says people are often quick to assume her career was driven by her parents, but nothing is further from the truth.

“My mum was really hesitant. It was never a focus in our family.

“It was like other people did tennis or singing. I was just allowed to be in a movie.”



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