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Movie Daffodils: Rose McIver Track Listing

[Movie] Daffodils: Rose McIver Track Listing

In addition to her acting, in this movie, Rose McIver is also lending her voice to her character of the same name for 9 songs (full list below).  The movie will be coming to NZ cinemas on March 21, 2019.

DRIVE | Written by B Runga – Featuring Rose McIver
The first single on Bic Runga’s 1987 debut album. The album went platinum seven times and won the New Zealand Music Award for Album of the Year.

ANCHOR ME | Written by D McGlashan – Featuring Rose McIver
Released by the Mutton Birds in 1994. The song was on the top single charts for 9 weeks peaking at number 10. It then went on to win Don McGlashan the 1994 APRA Silver Scroll Song writing Award.

COUNTING THE BEAT | Written by M Hough, P Judd & W Stevens – Featuring George Mason & Rose McIver
Released in 1981 by The Swingers, it quickly becoming a number 1 hit in both Australia & New Zealand. Since its release it has been voted the fourth best New Zealand song of all time by APRA, and was awarded a Silver Scroll retroactively in 2015.

TALLY HO | Written by The Clean – Featuring Rose McIver & Kimbra
The Clean’s 1981 debut single was the second release on the infamous Flying Nun Records label. The track reached number 19 on the New Zealand Singles Charts, giving the fledgling label its first hit.

THERE’S NO DEPRESSION IN NZ | Written by D McGlashan & R Von Strurmer – Featuring George Mason, Rose McIver & Kimbra
Released in 1981 by Blam Blam Blam. The track’s satirical lyrics struck a chord with many political activists.

JESUS I WAS EVIL | Written by D Bolton – Featuring George Mason, Rose McIver & Kimbra
Originally recorded on a four-track recorder by singer-songwriter Darcy Clay. Despite it’s lo-fi sound the song became BFM radio’s most played song of all time.

FALL AT YOUR FEET | Written by N Finn – Featuring George Mason & Rose McIver
A 1991 song by Crowded House, from their 1991 album “Woodface”. It peaked at number 17 in the UK.

SILENT TREATMENT | Written by S Brown & F Ikner – Featuring Rose McIver & George Mason
Written specifically for the film by Steph Brown and Fen Ikner of LIPS, as a distillation of the growing alienation felt by the protagonists. The arpeggio figure from the chorus appears as a major theme throughout the film.

I’LL SAY GOODBYE EVEN THOUGH I’M BLUE | Written by J Luck – Featuring George Mason, Rose McIver & Kimbra
The song has been taken up by generations of New Zealanders and going to Exponents/Jordan Luck concerts and singing along is a rite of passage for New Zealand’s youth.

For all information, be sure to check out the dedicated page for the movie at (link)

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