Mental Health Chat – Live Show with Lenny Jacobson (April 7, 2020 – 2PM PST)


On March 26, 2020; Rose joined Jessica Harmon and Lenny Jacobson for their live Instagram Show called ‘Fireside Chats‘ (see related post)

Yesterday (April 7, 2020) Rose joined Lenny Jacobson for another live Instagram Show but this time to talk about Mental Health.

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Here’s a small summary of what Rose said during this live show.

  • Rose recommends Tara Brach (author) for mental health.
  • Rose will share a few things about mental health via her ig story in the coming days.
  • Gardening, cooking, doing cross stitch, is helping Rose during this time.
  • She likes baking a lot, she likes bread, muffins, cookies
  • She’s not a freestyle cooker, she always follows recipes.


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