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News'Masters of Sex', Season 2 Episode 2

‘Masters of Sex’, Season 2 Episode 2

Rose McIver will be on the next episode of ‘Masters of Sex‘, called ‘Kyrie Eleison‘ who will airs Sunday, July 20, at 10 p.m. EDT on Showtime. Here’s the stills, trailer and synopsis.

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Synopsis : Bill Masters might be getting his study back, but that doesn’t mean everything will go back to normal in Showtime’s “Masters of Sex.” According to the episode 2 synopsis, the quirky doctor will be dealing with some changes in “Kyrie Eleison.”

Bill’s new job as an obstetrician might not be everything he ever wanted. Since Betty’s husband got him the job, Betty will be extorting Bill again. Bill knows much more about Betty’s past than her husband, and Betty will not let Bill talk about her prostitution or infertility with Gene. Of course, Betty wants more than his silence. She wants fertility treatments despite her sterility.

Betty’s extortion is probably the only thing at Bill’s new job that feels familiar. Bill won’t have the easiest time adjusting to Memorial Hospital. The obstetrician wants to rehire Virginia as his research assistant. However, Dr. Greathouse has picked out a secretary just for Bill. As we previously reported, Betsy Brandt will be playing Barbara, and Bill might not see her as enthusiastic about a new secretary. Last season, he went through many secretaries after promoting Virginia to Research Assistant. One girl even left in tears.

Virginia isn’t sure that she wants to go back to Bill. She still cares about the work and she is still participating in the study with Bill. However, she isn’t so quick to leave Lillian. The doctor needs Virginia’s help if she wants to get Pap smears in hospitals everywhere because she knows that her own cervical cancer is worsening. The disease will prevent her from doing everything she can, and she needs someone to continue her work for her … and it seems like Lillian might be planning to make Virginia her protégé.

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